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  1. S Max Cooling Fan

    Hi everybody and thanks for the effort. Short answer is NO! I was told quite categorically by 3 Ford main dealers that it is the same part for diesel or petrol. Even gave them genuine reg. nos. to be absolutely sure. Armed with this info I went to my local scrappie who had 2 S max in the yard and removed BOTH parts for me to try. (Both diesel). No luck I'm afraid so until I have a spare £270 for the complete arrangement to buy and then extra to have it fitted I am fitting a switch by the steering wheel to operate the fan if/when it overheats. Thanks again guys.
  2. Screen Wash Pump/bottle

    Thanks for the replies. Haynes do not produce a manual for the S max or I would have one by now. Thanks Chris. Seems the best bet up to now. Is the bumper difficult to remove?
  3. Screen Wash Pump/bottle

    Thanks Guys looks like a job for the weekend. expect the bumper will be a pain to get off. Thanks again
  4. Screen Wash Pump/bottle

    Hi. Can anyone tell me how to remove/replace the screen wash bottle/pump on my 2008 S max. I've checked the fuse which is ok so now need to check the pump but it seems to be hidden away. I've removed the near side headlight but still not sure. Any advice appreciated. Thanks Paul
  5. S Max Cooling Fan

    Hello again guys. Still not found a relay (or whatever it is). Just been into local dealers. What a waste of time) so I thought I'd ask here. I can locate said item at a local scrappy but it's off a diesel. Anyone know if it's a comparable part. Other option seems to be unit off a Kuga. Again does anyone have any ideas. Thanks
  6. S Max Cooling Fan

    Hi just had MOT and was told then fan not working. Twice since stuck in traffic and needle heading well towards the RED bit. Popped bonnet and fan defo not working but you can hear clicking. That I think is it switching. There is live through the relay (?) thing but no earth at the business end. My auto elec bloke said it was the relay but now I'm not so sure. Ford don't seem think there's anything in there to fail so gonna try the relay in the fuse box next.
  7. S Max Cooling Fan

    Been doing that for days. None about. Only one I found GOT LOST BY ROYAL MAIL!!! Thanks again
  8. S Max Cooling Fan

    Serious thanks for your efforts. More than guy at Fords was able to tell me. So I guess its back to looking for a bent S max with a cooling fan intact ( not been able to find one as yet) Thanks again guys
  9. S Max Cooling Fan

    Hi Guys it's the small box which mounts by one screw on the fan housing. Ford told me that the number was not a part number. It's a 2 litre petrol. The box appears to be a connector with live and earth. The live is ok both sides but the earth is not passing through. It is moulded and doesn't look to come apart. Thanks for trying guys
  10. S Max Cooling Fan

    Thanks jeebowhite The only numbers on it you can see on the pic I uploaded but I think that maybe these are not part numbers. Any help......
  11. S Max Cooling Fan

    Been trying scrappies but they don't want to separate it from the fan. Looks like a whole unit. Was thinking maybe Ford used this part somewhere else in their range. Any ideas gratefully received
  12. S Max Cooling Fan

    Hi I have a cooling fan which is not running although the motor is ok when tested. I have traced the fault to what I think is a relay screwed onto the fan housing. (pics attached) This is apparently not available as a spare part only with the fan. Can anyone tell me what the part is actually called, if it is standard across the range and if it's repairable Thanks Paul
  13. Welcome to the Ford forums paulsto :)