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  1. Bet it can drive better than some people on the roads though lol xx
  2. Ofcorse they can stoney and if there hot added bonus :-D love banter with the local bobbys. Xx
  3. Any time stormin if you get a hot officer ofcorse I'm gonna put the charm on ;-) xx
  4. Last time I got stopped by the police I managed to get them to blush :-) when they started asking heaps of questions I said I got you to stop me cause I think your hot and wondered if we can date lol they soon let me on my way xx
  5. Stoney come live in the Deen I'm sure Ashleigh and I would have loads of fun watching you stop some of the plonkers here lol, another good one we have is when we drive in convoy if there's a family outting we decide what 3 folk are driving (I got big family) and our cars range from Audi q5 to Astras and Renault we all have same ending on plates soo funny watching people's faces they look dumbstruck to say the least lol xx
  6. I'm going on that fact that I'm Scottish and you guys lost SORRY xx
  7. I'm not sayin all young drivers my little bro (19) drives a decent car and he drives like a Granda doesn't speed etc etc and older drivers yeah are just as bad I totally agree with you guys there but in my experience a lot of the time it is young drivers with there pals in the car showing off,and it give people that do drive sensibly a bad name I admit I do if I've had a bad day thrash my poor car but only if I've not got the kids and no one is on the road at the time, my drive home from collecting my daughter from school this afternoon was to say the least fun it's all 20mph had a twit tryin to be funny my kids plus my mates in the car so I decided to stop oppist a parked car and get out and give hime what for lets just say he won't be pulling that trick again as a stressed out screaming mother is pretty scary xx
  8. Is it just me I've found that some young drivers feel the need to drive as close as possible to the back of your car or sit and rev the engine at lights to try and intimidate you in to a race?? I've been driving a numer of years now and never once felt the need to do any of this even more so with having the kids in the car 90% of the time. Are they trying to prove something or end up like some other foolish drivers out there? It just really annoys me xx
  9. I think it was a great game.... Xx
  10. With my focus that sound and light had meant my starter motor went could possibly be Same :-S xx
  11. I've never had any problems but I use a ipad or if out n about my iPhone
  12. That was like mine but I'm prob the worse customer going about tell your sister to say shes going to watch dog plus papers if it don't get changed also trading standards can help luckily enough me sitting there for 3 hours putting customers off buying cars from the dealer made them move sharply lol, I had many diff cars x reg Astra was my 3 rd car it chose when it wanted to start and liked to stall but I can be hard on my cars driving wise when I've not got the kids if I've had a bad day at work xx
  13. It was hell but will buy a ford again in the future the dealer didn't have any when I took my car back to them xx
  14. I had 06 plate focus, to start with had lights on they re-set it then started motor went then lights started again to come on (hand brake light, abs light, battery light, and engine management light) so took it back again and was told no fault there then my car decided not to have a working speedo this went on for a few months back and forth to the garage, then they decided to change alternator and said that's it fixed no more problems with it ha right was coming home from my dads (country roads) had a car behind me and my car all of a sudden with no warning went into safety mode and cut my speed from 60mph to 30mph and the car behind me nearly went in to the back of me! My children were screaming and I nearly had a heart attack thankfully the guy followed me to a garden centre and asked what was wrong then followed me the 15 miles home worse day of my life so the car had to go, I did like it but my kids come first xx
  15. I've gota Astra both jeebo and I are ex ford owners I had to many problems with mine it nearly killed me and kids :-( xx