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  1. Insurance claim

    I turned down my first offer from the insurance £795 then they called me again £895 when i turned this down he asked me what it was worth i said £1500 he said no way i then asked them to find another car for me that was the same as what i had and as clean and fully serviced and 100% roadworthy if not get my other one fixed it was only a front wing and bumper 3 days later a letter from them with £1400 in rip off gits took £100 access.
  2. escort diesel van engine swop

    thanks for the reply,i have been reading about problems with diesel pump electrics needs to be re-wired and something to do with adding an extra wire from the loom or is this just if i change to a turbo diesel... thanks again..
  3. my escort van

    here is my escort van 1998,as you can see it has si front bumper complete si seats,dash,carpet multi cd player,electric windows color coded mirror van is going to be resprayed soon lime green when i get the gti side skirts..
  4. take a look at this!

    Looks to expencive to me wouldnt pay no more than £450 maybe £500 as its got full mot and tax but its has high miles,but then again a 1.4 could benefit young drivers and the lx models do have electric windows and central locking ( well mine did )
  5. How to remove rear hub escort van (2002)?

    Dont you take the centre cap off with a small screwdriver and then undo the centre nut ( anti-clock-wise ) then tap the hub off.
  6. escort diesel van engine swop

    hi there.... Wonder if anybody can help me with a small problem,ive got an escort van 1800cc diesel 1999 ( v reg ) endura de the cam belt has snapped,i have managed to find another engine from a fiesta van its a endura de engine will this engine go into the escort van without any problems ( just swop them over ) many thanks ...