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  1. Workshop Manual

    Got a few things to sort on MK1 Focus Estate, speed sensor, driver electric window, and front brake hose, could anyone advise where to download free workshop manual Thanks
  2. Rear Wheel Wheel Bearing

    Trying to replace rear wheel bearings on escort van Cant get the nut cover off !!! any tips please
  3. Escort Van 55 Diesel Air Bag Light

    Regarding ASH comment " it is the front impact censor in the car that rust out on one of the terminals so it thinks the bag is faulty" and going on to explain .... how to change the clock spring, sorry to sound a dork but 1 Why would a rusty front impact sensor require a clock spring change ? 2 Actually in Hot weather the air bag light doesnt stay on, which is strange 3 The horn works perfectly, would this work if the clcok spring is broke any help appreciated
  4. Was told by the previous owner that the air bag light stays on because of clock spring broken, although sometimes when warm light goes out , wanted to know if a clock spring from escort car would work if i cant locate one from a van and also the procedure for fitting it. Also the rear door only clloses with a massive slam, looks like there maybe a spring broken inside, those star shape bolts are they Torx ?? and what is the size Thanks
  5. Welcome to the Ford forums maxwonga :)