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  1. MAF Sensor

    People , I tested the new MAF and the problem persist. Next week my mechanical will look all the systens to find the issue. In the scanner reading the MAF reading is blocked , displays 1.75 , the normal maf have to display 3,75. The journey continues.
  2. MAF Sensor

    I will do this test with my mechanical , The seller i bought the MAF from E-KLASS will send me a new maf to test. My friend will borrow me a original MAF in supbert condition to test to. I will report the situation soon, Thanks a lot people.
  3. MAF Sensor

    I checked , don't have false air entrace
  4. MAF Sensor

    I will check out wires of the maf , I don't think in this part of the problem . Now a i need q good wiring maf cabe to test .Or i buy the cable ate junkward ou a new cable. I wiil thing it this week.It is the last thing to put my focus 100% But in my case the engine light doesn't stay on , onl the DTC P103 and diagnost from scanner . What manufacture of MAF or you don't need buy a new maf. I working with the possibilit to buy a new maf from uk , of good quality , in brazil , all maf for ford focus zetec are terrible and the ford dealer , they don't sell this part anymore.
  5. MAF Sensor

    People, I have a problem in my ford focus '01 zetec 1.8 16v petrol. The Dashbord DTC , show the code P103, accordind TIS ford , this is MAF problem,and my mecanichal plug the scanner in the car, and here the maf have a low voltage. I tried to clean the maf 2x but nothing changes. Ok , I bought a new maf , and the things get worst , the ilde rotation is worst the original and "dameged " MAF. A afraid the my PCM is dameged . In brazil a don't find good manufactures of MAF , the E-KLASS MAF i bought doesent work. Here in uk and europe, with manufactures of MAF we use. I very unhappy with this, because i did a good service in the car ( timming belt kit, acessories timming belt kit , oil , revision in the hydraulic steering , brake fluid , new fuel pump ) but the maf problem is very boring to me. Anyone can help and had his problem and how do to fix it ? Ford Brasil, don't produce anymore this part foi my car, because in brasil afte ten year the car discontued the manufactures doesn't have the obligation to built parts , and de paralelal parts in a lot of case don't have a good quality.
  6. Hey Everone

    Hey I'm Bruno Medina, 31 years old civil Engineering. I have a 2001 ford focus 1.8 16v petrol 5 doors, since 2006. I would like to share and learn about this car. last week i did a good service in the focus 1)Replace the hydraulic direction sensor ( is leaking ) 2) Chance al fluid ( engine oil , hydraulic streeing , brake fluid and coolant fluid) 3)I bought the new maf sensor ( mine is in trouble ) 4)Change the timming belt kit , i used gates ks402 kit , is a good kit 5)Chance the poly-v timming belt kit 6)last year a chance a the IAC 10 years with the car , i had many histories with,i love this car. Because this in here to learn more about this cars , here in uk , we have a lot of people who like and have a very good know how about this family of engine ( ZETEC engine). Sorry for my por english, i want to improve it too. Best regrats Bruno Medina
  7. Central Locking - Drivers Door, Common Problem?

    I have this problem too . I don't fix it , because i have to change all lock door system and it very expensive. I lock the car with key always . Some people try to use wb40 for lubrification the system .
  8. General Tyres Altima Maxima Rt

    Hi, I'm from brazil and recently i'm bought 4 tires . The size is 185/ 65 R14 the link below contains a picture of the tire http://imagens.extra.com.br/Control/ArquivoExibir.aspx?IdArquivo=928857 These tires are good or bad ? I don't know about manufacture ,i'm bought because they are very cheap . Anyone use or used this model of tyres? my car is ford focus 1.8 16v zetec petrol 2001/2001 Sorry for my poor english
  9. blower fan not working

    Jesus , i can't imaginate these prices here , it's very expensive , the same as here in brazil
  10. What Do You Do?

    I'm only study , Universty study to be a geography engineer I hope finish the graduation in 2012
  11. Which Focus to get?

    If you want economy buy the diesel version If you want medium performace in petrol buy 1.6 zetec version But I have a 2001 focus 1.8 16v zetec , petrol , and it have a good mark of fuel economy , remeber a i'm fron brazil the numbers of fuel expense is 10 kilometers for 1 litre in the city 14 kilometers for 1 litre in the road ( Air condition turn on 100% and cruise speed about 100/120 km/h ) People Anyone have a photo of engine from ford focus 1.6 zetec if we have post here for me I have dount " the 1.6 zetec is the same 1.6 zetec rocam , sell in latim americam?"
  12. blower fan not working

    The fan engine is broken change this Here in UK this part is not be very expensive , buy a new one .
  13. Speedo failure

    Velocity Sensos could be dameged but your related i suggest you check de painel and change it One of this possibilits ou both
  14. Ford Fiesta X Corvette

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bln9LdnWsnc...player_embedded Look at this amazing video corvette can't chase fiesta hahahahah
  15. I need a face lift

    I don't understand your question sorry ,my english is terrible can you awser again?