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  1. Have an 2006 1.8TDCI - two faults 1. When pulling away the car stalls, when i put my put on the accelerator the revs dont kick in staright away and it stalls. 2. Occasionally at speed, 60-70 the car seems to lose power for a second and then kick back in, but it does this repeatidly. Any pointers would be helpfuul
  2. Need to replace the bushers on my Dec 2006 Foucs Titanium 1.8 TDCI, can get the work done for free will replace the wishbones to avoid any further problems. Been looking online at prices but there seems to be two different size ball joint's an 18mm and 21mm does anyone know what size my vehicel is? Cheers
  3. Leaking Boot?

    Good man, will try this tomorrow and report back. If it works PM me your addess and a bottle of Cains is on its way to you :) Thanks
  4. Leaking Boot?

    Noticed a small buid up of water in my boot well and round the lip of the well is damp. Any one know of any common problems i.e boot seal. I have taken the back lights out today and there was a massive amout of gunk under the housing, i gather they are not supposed to be water tight? Can anyone point me in the right direction. Beer to the first person who gets the correct answer.:) Cheers
  5. Hi Recently purchased a 06 Focus 1.8 TDCI Titanium, needs a few bits doing to it. Urgently it needs a new/used alloy wheel, i dont know i the model of my wheels can anyone identify them via the pic link. Also need front wishbone bushers, can anyone recommend a good make ? Cheers http://i730.photobuc...azal23/PIC1.jpg
  6. Welcome to the Ford forums azazal23 :)