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  1. Happy Birthday sobaka!

  2. Hi Gareth, it is pretty straight forward, I have see one being changed. You just need to remove the the trim pushing it towards the window inside the open tail door, then use small flat screwdriver to release two plastic clips one each side it is not evident and clips break easily. HTH
  3. I am sorry, there is no switch on the smax headlights. As for converters yes, they exist. Have a look at the last post in newbie questions topic I have posted a link there.
  4. Hi, strange I know for sure ford has one. Anyway, found this for you for only 6 pounds and free delivery:
  5. Hi Scott, 1.8 consumes less and in general with 6 gear box is enough for most situations. 2 liter is a little bit more punchy. 1.8 in earlier (2006 - beginning 2007) builds had quite a lot of troubles - if you go for one take care to take a 2008 model. 2.0 would probably be better in resale value than 1.8, just due to peoples mentality. In general IMHO there is not much difference between the two. If you need a punch and definitely a diesel then you better look at 2.2.
  6. Hi, not heard about this. Have heard about a steering pump noise which some guys fixed by replacing a pipe and others just left as is. It was a 2.0 tractor though, petrol power steering is different to the diesel ones. Anyway what the guy said makes sence. It is not that dangerous but still in a car like this everything should be perfect and if they replace the rack on warranty, why not. Good luck
  7. It's funny that so may dealers are afraid of touching fuses - most of the guys had the car in the garage rather than a garage removing a fuse. I wonder if they do not want any responsibility if something goes wrong afterwards. Don't think it's a very good design when you got wiper problems due to alarm syren, do you? Maybe removing a fuse is not such a good idea after all. It's Ok to keep your neigbours happy during one night but driving without might be a problem.
  8. sobaka

    Sat Nav

    the upgrade was ordered by the dealer and arrived at his home address. It was working straight away. He is in belgium so you can't have the disc. You might want to get your dealer order a new upgrade for the correct unit. It might be just a problem with the disc - happens every now and then.
  9. sobaka

    Sat Nav

    Ok, effectively one of fellow smaxers had a problem which looks very much the same as yours. This was solved by installing the update. I suppose CD of the update was obtained in ford (not sure free or for a fee). Instructions: put the update cd in the drive, turn ignition on wait till CD is charged and the screen comes on, don't do anything before that, then you will see a progress bar, don't turn ignition off and don't switch off the sat nav before it finish.
  10. sobaka

    Sat Nav

    I did not go for ford sat nav - too expensive, needs discs purchased for map upgrades and can not be used in the second car. I however recall some of my friends were saying something about upgrade for a sat nav. Will ask around and post if I find anything.
  11. Good luck Dawnl, with a bit of it should be already fixed if they have alarm siren unit in stock. It just takes several clicks in the ford system to find out what to do :)
  12. Yes, just talk to your dealer, they should have the stensils for free. Happy motoring, smax is a great car
  13. Here is an extract of interest for you, complete story here
  14. :) , yeah I tremember Paul even made a photo gallery on "how many smax owners are needed to change a bulb", and I also think one of the clips got broken anyway. Glad that it's the biggest problem you had with your smax. See you
  15. Headlight templates are available for smax on the net. The only other option is to change the headlights for continental ones, the lights are not adjustable. Said that, you are only potentially in trouble if you are goind to drive at night, most if not all the smaxers don't apply continental templates though some are having the blinds in the boot just in case. HTH