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  1. Seats Make Me Nervous

    Definitely very strange seating setup! On my old 206, the seats used to return to their original position. Then when I got my Fiesta it did what you have mentioned for a while, but then the drivers set started to return to its original position after a couple of months! Then, up until last week, it has reverted back to sliding all about! Mind of its own!
  2. Ford Audio Update - The Changes

    I'm having this problem too, very frustrating!
  3. Mk7 Bluetooth Audio

    Ok, I've done exactly what was displayed in the video and it is still the same as it was before. The phone connectivity has always worked as it should do, it's just the audio over Bluetooth option isn't available for some reason :S
  4. Mk7 Bluetooth Audio

    Cool I'll try this later and see what the outcome is
  5. Mk7 Bluetooth Audio

    It cycles through Line In, iPod and USB but the option for Bluetooth isn't there. I've tried going onto line in and pressing the left arrow as well to bring up all of the options and it lists all apart from Bluetooth. I thought it was because of the age of the car that it doesn't work but on the update it says it's applicable to cars from July 2008 and mine was made in September 2008 :S
  6. Mk7 Bluetooth Audio

    Hello, this is the first time that I've posted on here after constantly reading this site so here goes! I have a 2008 Fiesta Mk7 Titanium and I have read a number of posts to do with streaming audio over Bluetooth. Now from these previous posts I understand that my car shouldnt be able to do this at all, but after updating the audio software using a USB stick from the Ford Connectivity website, it has given me capability to play my music from my iPhone over bluetooth. The only query I have is...why can it only be accessed by using the voice control function e.g. By saying External Device>Bluetooth>Play. The radio display doesn't change and sticks to what it was previously displaying but the audio over Bluetooth plays through the stereo, although I am unable to change tracks using the cars stereo or to display the track information. There is no option to access BT Audio by pressing the Aux button either, but this is strange because the car is obviously capable of playing the audio over Bluetooth. Any help? I have an iPhone 4S running the latest iOS and my car has the silver Ford stereo