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  1. Appears to be another release 0.2.3 but without the translations we were hoping for :(
  2. Thanks for the comments on the car tis loveeeeeeely to drive but what really makes it worthwhile is the soundtrack of the 5 cylinder warble and the turbo whine. :D Well I was hoping to keep as OEM as possible to be honest, and I was led to believe that relay R15 was for DRL's but Ford are no use at defining which relay fits which slot :( That link appears to be to a U.S. seller? Any UK dealers? I didn't want to affect the headlights at all just wanted some extra led's to act as some sort of DRL (or even better DRL and on with sidelights?).
  3. Well got the relay today finis 1425751 and it doesn't work. Having tested it and spotting a relay in the fusebox it turns out to be the same as the other one (R16 i think?) a 4 pin open by default relay. So, next question is, what relay do I need in that case? Want the DRL's to come on with no lights on and go off with lights turned on, using the relay as necessary?
  4. Thanks Lenny, Might just get the relay and hope for the best, tbh its only £25 in the bigger scheme of things. The jumper cable says for halogen lights only, I have xenons so guess that it works differently. Plus I'm hoping to run proper DRL's not just dimmed headlights so might try without that.
  5. Cheers Lenny, Only problem is, I understand its a 5 pin not 4 pin relay I need (an assumption due to R15 having 5 slots) can give you a pic of the fusebox if that helps or my number plate? Thanks for the help so far!
  6. Hi Lenny, Thanks for your comments, only I am hoping to make the setup as OEM as possible and using the existing circuitry would be much more effective. I even understand there are DRL plugs on the main headlight loom so may consider using that instead of running to the dash, however currently the lights aren't working and I think its a relay only problem. When I spoke to the (unhelpful) guy at Ford Parts (my local one) he looked on the Ford Tech system and said that there was no way to identify the actual relay I need, great help as ever!
  7. Hi All, I have attempted to fit DRL's on my ST (see pic) but am having some problems. I have tried hooking up the wiring to the dash switch to the right of the steering wheel. Many people have pointed out the wire I need to use that turns off when the headlights come on etc however on my car that wire is constantly live on the ignition. I have a feeling this is due to having Autolamps andd therefore not having the R15 relay. Can anyone confirm the part number of the R15 relay on a facelift mk2? Thanks,
  8. Welcome to the Ford forums RichyU :)