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  1. Its probably State Blue. Paint color can fade over time though, so an off-the-shelf can may not be a perfect match. Best option is to get a can from a paint specialist who will make the exact shade for you. Last time I did this it cost about £8 for a 400ml can. Funnily enough, it was for my State Blue Ford Escort.
  2. No idea - that kind of thing is way above me!
  3. I'd recommend regularly using Miller's Diesel Power Sport 4 Things to check: 1. Wheel/tyre size: My MPG dropped through the floor when I had 215/40/17s on. 2. Tyre pressures should be 32PSI all round. 3. Change air filter 4. Change fuel filter Just some stuff off the top of my head. No one thing I've mentioned would cause MPG to drop to 40. Mine was down to about 43 when I had big daft tyres on - two of which were losing about 12lb every couple of weeks. Back on 15s now, 139k on the clock and get about 55MPG. Also, lugging extra weight around with you all the time will cost a couple of MPG, so take trolley jacks/tool boxes, gallon bottles of screenwash etc out the boot.
  4. Sell it and get a diesel. Mine's done 139,000 and I still get ~55MPG.
  5. I had a drug dealer living next door to me a couple of years ago. One night I'd been on the sauce and I snapped - went after him with baseball bat but he wouldn't come out to play til his mates turned up. By that time I'd got bored and gone in. Police came and arrested ME for being drunk. Dealing drugs is OK though? He later threatened my g/f with an axe. His house got raided soon after and he got 2 months for threatening behaviour and 2 months for drugs offences. He was back dealing again in less than 6 weeks. Oh, and he keyed my car all down the driver's side and slashed two tyres. I'm biding my time as an opportunity will no doubt present itself one day. I don't forget easy.
  6. The clip behind the winder is a nightmare to get off. Its doable with persistence and swearing. As for the fronts, they're pretty easy. Remove the piece of trim at the bottom of the A-pillar - it just clips on in about 4 places. If you have electric mirrors, the controls are mounted on this and you'll need to undo the multiplug to remove it fully. Next, there's a screw in the door handle recess below a plastic cover. Prise it off with a screwdriver and remove the screw, then remove the door handle surround together with the electric window controls. Unplug the multiplug to remove fully. Carefully prise the fascia part of the main door handle off (the one you pull it shut with) - there are two long threaded screws behind here. Remove both. Hint: Prise it from below - if you accidentally chip it, it won't be so noticable as if you'd hacked at it from the top. Finally, there are two screws in the open edge of the door, two at the hinged edge, and two in the bottom. Remove all, noting that the bottom two are slightly different from the side ones. That should do it. Pull the door card upwards from the open edge of the door and it should come off.
  7. Are you here for any reason other than to advertise your website?
  8. Whelk8891


    Somebody (Tezza off FFOC) made me some adapters for the ST170 lights that are on my MK1 saloon. There is also a wiring mod you need to do, in order to keep the dipped beam on when main beam is on. Its one or the other by default and I found it wasn't bright enough. The details of this mod escape me but its somewhere in the wiring behind the steering wheel.
  9. Window: The two main likely causes would be either a faulty switch, or a faulty window motor. My money would be on the motor at this stage. Blowers: Do they work on #4? Or not at all? If they only work on #4 then its the thermal resistor, which can be found behind the glove box, next to the heater motor housing. About £15 for the part - dead easy to replace. If its not working at all, then you could check the multiplug is properly pushed into the heater motor (this involves removing some bits of trim and standing on your head almost in the passenger footwell).
  10. I distinctly remember typing a reply to this, dunno where it went. There are two noises that spring to mind which could be branded a 'beep'. There's the indicator tick sound, and the 'bong' sound like when you've got the door open, ignition off, with the lights on. I would assume its the former - I had it myself ages ago. What I did was stick the car into diagnostic mode, then leave it 30s to exit diagnostic mode by itself and it hasn't happened since. To go into diagnostic mode, open any door (I use the driver's door) and press the door switch on the B-pillar 8 times within 6 seconds. You'll hear a tick. At this point you can press the keys on the remote and you should hear further ticks if the car is picking up a signal (its not essential that you do this). Wait 30 seconds and you'll hear another tick. If its not a 'tick', and its not a 'bong', then.... I dunno.
  11. Did you replace the battery too? Are you sure its not just stone dead? I had my battery off for ages last week while I had the driver's door to bits, and didn't have any trouble after reconnecting everything. (Mine's a MK1)
  12. Probably nothing - I've noticed it a few times on mine (had it 5 years now) and put it down to dew/condensation/general atmospheric dampness. Confused - when you say "off side with me facing the bonnet", do you mean the driver's side or the passenger's side? If its the passenger side, the screen washer bottle is in there, behind the wheel arch. Easy to see if that's leaking - fill it right to the top and leave the lid off for a few minutes. If you meant the driver's side, that's where the expansion tank is, so leave the engine running and look for leaks. Could also get somebody to rev the engine to increase the water pressure while you look. I really don't think you're going to have a leak anywhere, though.
  13. Do the tail lights work? They use the same 5/21W offset bulbs. The fuse you should have checked is #42 (15A).
  14. Yeah, watching it on News24. Grew up listening to him all through the 1980s. Am gutted. :(