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  1. 2001 Fiesta Rear Drums

    Cool do Thank you will do, so that going into ford tomorrow, strange thing is the rear brakes only grind after about 150 miles of driving then if i park for 20 min's or so they don't grind again for another 150 miles, strange little car, was thinking something might be trapped in the drum IE a stone or something like that, car has only done 64k and it's a 2001 model lol
  2. 2001 Fiesta Rear Drums

    lol they are not sticking the 30mm nut has to be removed found that out here ..... http://www.diyrepairsandmaintenance.com/2011/09/03/ford-fiesta-mk4-and-mk5-rear-brake-drum-removal-and-inspection/ Thanks trying :)
  3. 2001 Fiesta Rear Drums

    Hi all just looking for some advice, i have tried to remove the rear drums on my fiesta but i can't get the drum to come off the stub axle, do i have to remove the nut in the center in order to take drum off, in other car's that i have owned with drum brakes on the rear i left the handbrake off and removed wheel and tapped the drum of the axle stub with this fiesta it seems that i have to take the nut of the axle is this correct ? i don't want to mess around with the bearings inside the hub but i need to remove the drum to change the shoes within any advice welcome :)
  4. sounds to me like it has either not enough oil in it so the tappets don't get enough oil when the car is started that's when you get the tappet noise, best to check oil level and if you have just got the car change the oil and see if that helps, as for the whining noise sounds like the clutch bearing is getting noisy should be ok i had one that made same noise as you have described, i only changed it after i had to change the clutch which was about 2 years of driving after it first started making the whining noise hope this helps :)
  5. Fiesta Mk5 Cigar Lighter Fuse, Help

    there's another fuse box under the bonnet passenger side under the weather strip beside the bonnet hinge check in there for a blown fuse, i found my front fog lamps one in there, peel up the weather strip up off it and undo the two clips, one on the left hand side and one on the rear of it hope this helps :)
  6. I have a fiesta freestyle 1.2 45 zetec -s in it and i was surprised with the poke it has, i was expecting a snail like pace but it has alot more power than i was expecting from this engine considering the size of it even with 2 adults and 3 kids in it,so i hope this helps in your quest :)
  7. My Little ford

    a few pictures of my little 2001 ford
  8. Hi All

    Just a quick note to say Hi so Hello to all and this site looks interesting haven't owned a ford for a few years *late 80's ithink since the last one * so here i am ^_^
  9. Welcome to the Ford forums VuBear :)