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  1. hi there so i had a crash a few days back, bumper looks messed up and clips all shattered that i think attached to grille, and grille cracked and bonnet does not fit quite right. anyway some advice would be great, getting quotes from body shop and local friend who owns car servicing place. Getting car examined in a few days just have no idea what to do before i buy new bumper etc as I'm worried there is damage behind advice welcome,
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    First Car Mods

    I have just got my first car, (fiesta mk6 black 1.4 zetec) and want to do some subtle mods don't want to do anything crazy, and i have a few questions, 1. will a mk6.5 grill fit my mk6, are the fittings the same? 2. Is the changing of headlights or fog lights easy?
  4. Welcome to the Ford forums mattmd :)