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  1. Fiesta Mk7 1.6 Tdci Wheelbearing?

    Im an fairly experienced home-mechanic. I used the old bearing to press the new one in, and a manual hydraulic-press. Disassembled the old bearing and took the outer ring from it.. Perfect fit to press with. The turning part sounds smart, i did not do that, and of course you should never press the inner ring. Maybe take out the driveshaft, reassemble it again without it and turn the hub/wheel and listen for the droning. Easy way to rule out the driveshaft?
  2. Fiesta Mk7 1.6 Tdci Wheelbearing?

    Mike77, if you jack up the car and grab the spring with one hand and rotate the tire you will either feel a slight vibration, or nothing at all. Vibration : Worn bearing, No vibration then its good. Yeah there's an off chance for the bearing to be duff when i bought it.. Im not sure but it's an SKF-bearing wich should meet the standards. Is there any bearing on the driveshaft/joints?
  3. Fiesta Mk7 1.6 Tdci Wheelbearing?

    I tightened it pretty hard, i used a converter between ft lb's and newtonmeters. I will change the bearing again i think, this time use the right tools and not just hand tighten it at first. I tightened it so the wheel turned without any vibrations in the spring, and the bolt firmly in place. Might have been too loose or top tight, i know it has to be 300nm. If the bolt is too loose, might it have damaged the bearing in less than a 0,5 miles?
  4. Fiesta Mk7 1.6 Tdci Wheelbearing?

    Thanks for the reply! I've now checked the pads, the inner pad has worn more than the outer one. I also took of the caliper and rotated the tire and the droning is still there.. I also loosened the driveshaft nut and the tire rotated easier with less noise.. Has to be wheelbearing again?
  5. I was having a whining/droning noise from the front end of the car, jacked up both wheels and felt for a vibration in the spring because i thought it might be the wheel bearing. There was a vibration in the spring on the left side, ordered the wheel bearing and fitted it as you should. The noise is now even worse, louder and sort of a grindning noise added to the whining/droning. When i drive around in a circle left/right on a tarmac parking lot the droning sort of changes pitch, and then when im going forward the break-pedal travels almost to the floor.. Its as if it need bleeding, it feels normal the second time i puah the braked pedal, the wheel nuts and the driveshaft nut is tightened Hard. What can it be? Change the complete hub? Driveshaft joint? Shot wheel bearing again?
  6. Hi, I just ordered a couple of coilovers that didn't fit the front of my car. I asked the company if they were sure that the coilovers would fit, and "of course" was the answer. TA Technix : http://i.ebayimg.com/00/s/MjY3WDQwMA==/$(KGrHqQOKjYE5teJtZlvBOgDSfYWYg~~60_12.JPG But they don't fit in the front, they should look like this : http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/3/37/Coilovers.jpg Is there any other Ford model that would have coilovers that would fit my Fiesta 1.6tdci? I guess the 1.6tdci has a sturdier front axle :)
  7. Hi, I saw some time ago that you can buy a Blind-tube replacement for the Particulate Filter, and that it would fit bolt-on. I think this might have been on Ebay, im not sure. What would be the benefit of this?(Except better flow and all those benefits) Does the DPF-light go on with it? Does someone have a link? Im interested to know, might tune the engine with a chip/map.
  8. Fiesta 1.6D Mk7 Gear Problems

    Took the problem in my own hands, read for quite a while and saw others mentioning the linkage.. It was the gear linkage, the upper/left one, seen from the front, it had popped out of it's so called bracket... Idiot-engineers that designed it. I took away the : battery, battery-box, plate under battery, the whole air-filter box, the black plastic cap that is over the Linkage. The cap also had popped out because the linkage had left its bracket and pushed it out of place. Really easy to fix, if you can screw and unscrew nuts and bolts.. ^_^ Took about 1 hour to sort out. I did take pictures and tried to upload but "My Media" can't seem to find them...
  9. Fiesta 1.6D Mk7 Gear Problems

    Okok, thanks! I really really hope that it only is the gear linkage. Im going to let them check it out :) I will post what my problem was, just wrote this post to be sure that it wasn't a common gearbox-problem "just" a gear linkage problem :)
  10. Thank you very much! :)

  11. Hi! Im new to this forum,and also non-english.. Im from Sweden :) Car : Ford Fiesta 1.6D, 7800 miles. Well then, to the problem im having on my car. Im having a hard time getting into First, Third and Fifth gear, it worked fine when i was driving non-stop for 2 hours, including lots of gear changes, then it stood over night. With engine running : The gears do engage when i gently push and "find" them and push the gearstick softly in to them, the feeling of the stick is distorted when jerking it around when the clutch is down. When i Engage a gear and let the clutch up, it crunches to let me know i havent eganged it properly... Sometimes it does feel like normal, oddly enough.. When engine off : It feels just as it is supposed to feel. What could possibly be the problem? Im thinking gear linkage, what am i supposed to look after?
  12. Welcome to the Ford forums oobie :)