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  1. sorry guys its been a while as ive been away, i totally understand and agree with you in each point given, i did take in to the supplying dealer and the i quote 'master tech' said i dont see or hear anything wrong. i dont want it coming back onto me saying ive ragged the f&*k out of it and so on as its on ford options and to be honest for the money im paying for it i hate it. plus financially im struggling now due to as you know its getting harder for everyone. I might actually get a nissan micra (no sarcasm intended) atleast the insurance will be cheaper lol. thanks guys and hope you all have a gd xmas in advance.
  2. no problem its nice to get appreciated for my not so good camera work, im a complete novice to photography, if yourself or anyone wants to tag themselves then please feel free. thanks
  3. Thanks Preee, sorry for the late reply as i work nights my next day off is monday so its booked in at the supplying dealer first thing in the morning. interesting to see what they say as i guess it will be the usual o its normal lol.
  4. just thought i share the amateur photos taken with my canon 550d theres too many photos so feel free to browse http://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.10150970832687821.413948.500977820&type=3&l=0af5a49b73
  5. Hi everyone ive had my 2012 Fiesta Metal From Brand New since end of May/June This Year, I am quite the paranoid type in general anyway. Regarding my Fiesta its getting rather serious, ive bought it on ford options (my first ford as changed from a VAG) i use the car mainly for work as i drive from my home in essex - NE London to Borehamwood, Herts where i work which takes me just short of a 40 mile round trip. I never turn the car on and just drive have, i always let the revs drop especially as i work nights and finish 6am. Have used normal BP unleaded from new and have currently got 2,800 miles on the clock with no thrashing at all. It took me from 0-800 miles before i even took it past 70mph and around 1500-2000miles past 100mph never wheel spinned or even seen the traction light on keep the gear changes around 2-2.5k rpm and occasionally when merging onto a roads and motorways take it up to 3-3.5k revs in 4th gear to get up to speed etc. the noise from the engine is horrid on idle and i have owned a 2009 corsa 1.4sxi which was pretty bad due their natural characteristics with noisy tappets. But my fiesta is a joke and not to mention, theres some sort of knocking type sound after i have been drive and just left on idle for example today in the morning when getting home from work. then it sort of just stops after a while when left running. Could Someone please shed some light on me and clear my paranoia as im starting to not like the car considering i dont abuse it at all. thanks and kind regards Bhavin
  6. hi mate congrats on your purchase ive come over from vag to ford and picked up my metal with privacy glass and sony dab headunit brand new for 13, 150 as i got a discount on it, i love the car but just cant stand the new petrol engines as their quite tappety but so are all the other petrol engines out there like the vw polo/seat ibiza or even worse the vauxhall corsa. hope you enjoy the car, as i do but might chip it in next year for the fiesta st, as ive got it on ford options
  7. hi everyone just wanted to say fordfair was definately amazing for those who didnt go, it was my first ford show that ive attended as a whole, ive taken a few photos feel free to browse and also tag if any of your motor's are in there. thanks and kind regards http://www.facebook.com/#!/media/set/?set=a.10150970832687821.413948.500977820&type=3 http://www.facebook.com/#!/media/set/?set=a.10150970832687821.413948.500977820&type=3
  8. hi ive been trying to search whether there is a replacement/aftermarket upper grill for my 2012 fiesta metal. as i think it just doesnt look right. i know theres the asian/aussie style lower grill going around. thanks kind regards
  9. hi everyone just wondering as i work nights and dont have any time if you anyone could recommend someone to come down and give the car a going over on saturday as im working nights. and my fiesta will be on club stand on sunday. not looking to splash out on detailing just want it looking presentable. thanks im based in essex/ north east london.
  10. hi mate ive got a 2012 fiesta metal 1.6 petrol and this is getting me paranoid , i definately dont thrash my car (i did 800 miles before i even took it past 70) and only use normal bp 95 unleaded. the dealer said its normal. ive noticed all new petrol engines as ive come over from vag car ownership that the newer engines are all tappety
  11. i'd be up for it , i live in essex but work nights in borehamwood herts, so as long as im off on the day i be up for any meet.
  12. dont worry ive just broken my ford virginity lol haha it will be my first ford show, use go to alot of vag shows as ive been into vag n german but got a deal on he fiesta, as you mentioned god help us all the weather is ok on the day. i will be driving up from essex. Sorry to hijack the thread, anyone from ne london/essex way going to this/???????
  13. thanks mate, appreciate it, well its on 32 all round at the moment which i thought personally is too much especially with no load. but the fronts looked ok and not overinflated with 32 in the fronts. appreciate your help and ye beyond confusing lol. and what a bellend place to put it on the passenger side :S
  14. totally agree with the above although i wouldnt do what im about to say, in india as im originally from there the drivers use water and newspaper (no such thing as fancy cleaners etc out there) but the drivers that you hire out there for long journeys/safari's etc have all said use paper towels/paper based material.
  15. hi everyone ive tried a little search on here with not much luck, i have a 2012 fiesta metal with the standard black 17's and factory fitted bridgestone potenza's on. the chart on the passenger side showing the air pressure for tyres is the most confusing ive ever seen. dont see anything hinting the slightest of PSI or even Bar value's. i call up the dealer service department and they turn round and say ye mate its your door entry just have a look there. 'as if i didnt know already' could someone just tell me what the front an rear pressure's should be. thank you in advance to whoever replies. kind regards bav