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  1. Funnily enough that is the only pic I could find that looked slightly like what I am after! Looks a bit too red though. It was between orange and lime green and orange won - I think the lime is a bit too daring lol
  2. Sorry if this isn't the right place to post. Not been here for ages! Just wondering if any photoshop aces would be able to change the colour on the wheels in either of the below pics to orange please. I'm getting them sprayed this week and I'm now gettting a little scared that I'm doing the right thing, eekk!!! Thanks in advance for any help or input :) x
  3. New Series Of Top Gear

    Took me back a bit so I didn't mind them spending all that time on them. Anyway, I am sure the best is yet to come!
  4. New Series Of Top Gear

    I thought it was really good! Laughed my head off
  5. Photo Location Game

    Aww I missed playing this game!!
  6. Timing Belt Snapping

    My timing belt went last year too. Luckily I had a bit of warning - it was making a weird noise when I got it in fact and the garage I bought it from didn't want to know, nothing wrong they said! But luckily hubby is a mechanic and changed it before I had an issue!! But yep it was no where near miles or age recommended!
  7. Fiesta Mk7 Wind Deflectors

    When the windows are up I don't think they are going to be easy to get off as they slot in and then the glass holds them in place. So I reckon you would be safe :)
  8. Photo Location Game

    Sorry I forgot to come back and post the pic because I kerbed my wheel on the way home and I was mega peed off. This pic is very deceiving, as my car looks much dirtier in real life!!! Don't know why it keeps showing the unedited pic with my reg plate still showing, but not much I can do there, doesn't really bother me tbh.
  9. Fiesta In Snow - Photos

    Cool snow pics, I didn't think to take any! First time I have driven in proper snow, as we rarely get it here on the Island. But was rather impressed with how my little Festa handled it!
  10. Photo Location Game

    I may be able to do just that in about 45 mins when I finish work, tho please don't punish me for how dirty she is.... a dirty car is better than one put through a car wash right?
  11. Frozen White Fiesta (Totally_Wallarized)

    She looks phat!! Very jealous!
  12. Photo Location Game

    Gutted to see this thread isn't going as well as it was!! Come on peeps! My car is filthy at the moment so would be a feat trying to park it next to something that looked worse!!
  13. Fiesta Rant!!!!

    Thanks for the advice hun, will take pics while still on the car, and off as well
  14. Fiesta Rant!!!!

    I know! My ex hubby has ordered me new cam belt and so he is going to take off the old one and take photos of it etc. He was thinking Trading Standards maybe?? Good idea on the date, I will remember that, thanks!
  15. Fiesta Rant!!!!

    Hi guys, not been around these part for a while hope everyone is good :) I myself am having a major stress with my festa!!! When I bought the car back in May last year the car was serviced and my husband (now ex) asked the guys to do cam belt change due to the high mileage of the car. They agreed to do this. Anyway, few weeks after having the car, I could hear a strange whirring noise, but it came and went and sods law every time I had a day off and could pop back to the garage, it was a day that the noise didn't happen! Finally after a couple of months I managed to get to the garage and ask the mechanic there. At this point I was now single, and so I was really worried about something happening to the car that I wouldn't be able to deal with (I'm such a girl) but the mechanic reassured me that it was probably just the alternator belt and that if it did get worse it wouldn't damage the car. So I drove away feeling a bit better, albeit a little fobbed off. So few months down the line... car is now out of warranty and the whirring noise is now getting louder and more frequent. So luckily, I am now on speaking terms with my ex, a mechanic, so I asked him to have a look for me. He advised me to get a new alternator tensioner and belt and he would fit it for me. Finally got round to doing it at the weekend, and after fitting the new parts he can still hear something is not right. Took the cover off to look at the cam belt and lo and behold, it's [insert swear word of your choice here]. The belt is perished and it's covered in rusty dust. He took my car straight down to where I bought it, and spoke to the mechanic who simply said it was out of warranty (despite the fact that I did go back in the warranty period, and also that they promised to change the cam belt back when I bought it). He kicked off about what had been agreed but the mechanic said that if we want them to investigate it, it's £45 an hour plus VAT!! So basically feeling pretty peed off right off. My pride and joy is now making me very unhappy, hence the rant. I sort of feel a little better for getting it off my chest!! Anybody got any advice or thoughts, or had anything similar happen to them?