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  1. Streetka Soft Top Rear Screen Cracked

    Hi there, My rear windscreen split on me tonight I was just wondering if you needed to take the roof off to replace it or is it a simple inside job?
  2. Streetka Boot/alarm Problems Help!!!!

    Hi there been to see me mechanic and it was the Microsystem for the boot that is in the roof compartment that has broken, he has ordered me a new one and is going to change it for me next week hope you got sorted?
  3. Streetka Boot/alarm Problems Help!!!!

    Hi there, not yet I'm afraid I'm currently still locking it with the key and going to see my mechanic on Weds. I rang him on Friday and luckily it doesn't drain the battery!! Are you still having this problem? I'll update you on Weds when hopefully I get to the bottom of it!
  4. Streetka Boot/alarm Problems Help!!!!

    Ok so I came to it this morning and it started fine but still having alarm/boot problems
  5. So it was a beautiful day today and I decided to put my roof down, after getting home I put my roof back up, locked my car with the fob and after about 10 seconds the alarm went off, I repeated the process of unlocking the roof lid and re shutting it into position and it still does the same thing so it is currently locked via the key so the alarm isn't engaged and I am now confused as to why I cannot open my boot and why the alarm is going off when everything is seemingly ok. Also I'm worried that this may drain my battery so when I come to drive it tomorrow morning it may be dead. Thank you in advance!!!
  6. Welcome to the Ford forums Carliebobs89 :)