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  1. Hi Jamie, I think I may be about to disappoint you here. Firslty I am a Ford Master Tech at a Ford Main Dealer. I also own a new Mk3 so have a particular interest in that vehicle, Sorry to say, unless your Mk3 Zettec is a mis- build (unlkely) you will only have the revised level 2 GEM and lower rated PCB fitted. Unfortunately these do not support the Cruise Control/Speed Limiter which is fitted in combination. It will be a huge expense to uprate the GEM and PCB (not siimply a matter of WDS options and the Titanium steering wheeI). It will also not support DDS although it is not a very good or accurate system anyway. Uprating the GEM/PCB isa job I certainly would not like to take on,mainly due to the cost but it would be a swine to do in any case. That is without the warranty issues involved as well. Paul
  2. Hi, After lurking for ages, I thought I had better at last register. I am Paul and I drive a brand new (as of today) Mk3 Focus Titanium X 2.0TDCI (163bhp). For my sins, I am a Ford Master Tech at a Ford Main Dealer in North London. Hello to all fellow Ford owners. Paul