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  1. could some one please tell me how to remove heater fan that is located behind the glovebox, as i need to replace it, as it is making a noise as though the bearrings have gone when it is on low speed, it is ok when on full power..
  2. just had the clutch replaced, since the replacement, the car developed a clunking noise on right hand lock. i ended up replacing the bottom rear engine mount plus the exhust flexi pipe within two weeks of the clutch being replaced, two weeks on they have both gone again. has anybody got any surgestions. HELP needed as it is Taxi.
  3. Camshaft Sensor

    could anybody please tell me what the camshaft sensor actually does!!!!
  4. Ford Modeo Mk 3 Glowplug Light Comes On

    well it went back to fords, got car back today everything is alright except low fuel pressure at the pump.
  5. glowplug light comes on then the engine manament light engine cuts out totaly. ive had new injectors new fuel rail, new egr vavle, new imf vavle, new fuel filter. injectors remapped. been to the ford dealers,they said everything ok. picked car up today, got half way home and the same thing has happened again. just ready to lose the plot, HELP, please.
  6. Welcome to the Ford forums flashgoblin :)