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  1. jnb1

    Noise From Rear Focus

    May sound like a stupid suggestion, but look at the parcel shelf. That is notorious for little squeaks and rattles.
  2. jnb1

    Mechanic Advice

    As already stated, find yourself another garage. Going in blind without a quote is always asking for trouble, as once its done, you almost have to pay, no matter what price he gives you There was an article recentlly on money saving expert, stating that taking your car to a council depot garage can be a wise move, as they are responsible for the maintiance on your local police cars and ambulances etc. Therefore, there is no insentive to overcharge you, or to 'create faults' that don't need fixing. See if there is one in your area.
  3. jnb1

    Window Tinting..

    I would assume that the reason the insurance significantly increase some individuals premiums once they know of window tinting, is because many accidents (especially round my area) have been caused (or would of been less likely to happen), if it wasn't for the window tint.
  4. jnb1

    Performance Info

    If it hasn't already been mentoned, try Bluefin. I would go with these over any other remap, since it gives you the option to revert to stock at any time.
  5. jnb1

    Remap What's The Catch

    Your better off getting a bluefin mate, thats what I'll be doing in a month or two. That way you can switch between stock and mapped at any time. Nice Focus btw, loving the wheels :)
  6. jnb1

    Remap What's The Catch

    There is most definately such thing as a bad remap. My cousin works in a local tuning centre, and the amount of customers he has had in, asking him to get their ECU back to normal function due to a poor/bad remap is astounding. The remap has got to be made skillfully, otherwise it can put all sorts of values (such as Air flow, fuel air mixture) out whack.
  7. jnb1

    Looking To Get A Remap

    I think with the Focus sport being such a nice car, we don't need to pretend :P. Just think, I could of ended up with a Purgeot 307cc or SportKa (which is actually quite nice, its just too femanine). Had to laugh though. On the test drive, I had a fiesta driving up my backside with a 'ZSOC' sticker on the windscreen. Put my foot down, and he was soon a small spec in my rear view mirror. Ahhh, the satisfaction :D
  8. Just bought a Focus Sport 1.6

  9. Just bought a Focus Sport 1.6

  10. jnb1

    Looking To Get A Remap

    You have proved very helpful again Stoney, cheers :). Is it worth chipping the 1.6 in your opinion? From what I drove of it today, it didn't seem short on power. Also completely unrelated, but I found it rather interesting how the speedometer went up to 150mph in the Focus Sport. Seems a tad "optimistic" :)
  11. jnb1

    Looking To Get A Remap

    I don't mean to needlessly bump this thread, but I'm curious about getting a bluefin map for my new focus sport. However, bluefin only have a chip for ones up to 2005 plate. Would a focus 05 map work on my 06 plate sport?
  12. Just cheked. Etis lists it as a 100PS. I plan on dropping a filter in and chipping it. However, to be honest the car has alot of pull anyway, so I don't exactly feel hard done by :) And cheers for the welcome, I shall go and make myself known :P
  13. I haven't picked up the logbook yet, as I dont pick the car up until next week
  14. After much searching, I bought my new car today: A Focus Sport 1.6 with 43k miles on the clock, 2006 plate. Its immaculate both inside and out, and had 2 previous female owners. Paid £3,950 (Knocked the dealer down from £4,250) for it, and it comes with a full service and valet. Took it for a test drive, and I must say, I'm surprised how much pull it has in it for a 1.6. At 80, it was like sitting in an armchair with almost zero wind noise, and the car was eager to go alot futher. I'm picking it up next Wednesday. All in all, I think I made a good choice. One thing I'm curious to know, do the 06 focus' have the VVT engines in them, as I read somewhere that a few do. EDIT: I also see that the 1.6 Focus sport comes in 2 engines. The 100HP or the 115HP. As it didn't state on the car at the time, how will I know what engine I have?
  15. Cheers for the advice. I'm going to look at a wide variety of cars today, everything from a seat to a vauxhall (although unless its the VXR, I won't be buying a corsa).