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  1. Hi, Our Ford Ka 06 reg has developed a problem where the light keeps flickering on and off, sometimes up to 3 times in a 15 min journey. I changed the bulb but that has not made any difference. I had read about problems where the rear lights would not work as well but that is not happening it is just the inside light affected. Could it be the ribbon cable going to the bulb holder? Is this easy to replace? Thanks, Kevin
  2. Hi, My 06 KA has developed the fault where the heater is constantly on hot (damn hot). I have replaced the heater control valve because had one of those stop working before and still no good. I connected the multimeter to the plug for the HCV and was not getting any reading (constant 0V). This made me think is it the heater control panel that is faulty (not sending the signal to the HCV). By default no signal would keep the HCV open and hence constantly on hot. Or could it be a blown fuse for the control panel? Does anyone have any ideas? What wires would I test on the control panel to see if a signal was being sent to the HCV if I got a new control panel? Anyone know what fuse the control panel works off? The handbook just lists about 21-22 fuses, I am sure there must be more then that for the car. Thanks, Kevin
  3. Kevee

    Using Coolant

    Thanks for the info, if it is a small leak or crack would a compression test highlight that?
  4. Kevee

    Using Coolant

    Hello, I was checking my KA the other day and noticed the coolant was down to the min mark, I had topped it up to the max mark a couple of weeks before. The car is used every day (Mon - Fri) so if there was a problem I would expect to see the level go down quicker. I topped it up and run the engine and did not see any loss under the car and it seemed to stay at the max level. Anyone have any ideas as to what could be happening? Many Thanks, Kevin
  5. Hello, While checking my 1.3 KA I gave a tug at ignition coil 1 (I thought that it may be the cuase of a rattle) and to my surprise the ignition coil came out with the metal tube it goes into still attahced. Is this normal? Should the tube the igntion coil goes down be welded\fixed to the engine? I am wondering if there is the potential for it to pop off if it is only pushed on. Many Thanks for your thoughts. Kevin
  6. Kevee

    Ford Ka - Blowing Hot Air

    Thanks, it is good to know I am not going mad by thinking that the panel was working by sending the varying voltages. Maybe I should take it out and replace with a genuine ford one and try and get my money back.
  7. Hello, I wonder if anyone can help, my 06 reg KA has been blowing out hot air no matter what temperature the temperature dial is set to. It is a nightmare on the rare hot days we have :-) I have used a multimeter on the plug going to the heater control valve, I got different readings depending on where the dial was set to, including a pulsing for mid-range. This prompted me to go out and get a new OEM heater control valve thinking that was the part that was faulty. I have replaced the valve and once the engine heats up I am still getting hot air no matter where the dial is. Can anyone shed any light on where the problem may be?
  8. Kevee

    Radio Removal

    Thanks for the input, I was wondering if my U shapped tools had been worn down at the ends from previous use in a different car. It sounds like it is worth trying again and applying some sidewards pressure to perhaps keep the clips engadged.
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    Hi, Thanks for the welcome. Do you know how I get email updates so I know when someone has replied to my posts? Kevin
  10. Kevee

    Radio Removal

    Hello, I have a Ford KA 06 reg and am trying to remove the radio so I can take the trim off to replace the dashboard illumination light. I have a DIN tool purchased from Halfords a little while back and although it fits in the holes does not seem to stick in place when trying to pull the radio out. Does anyone have any suggestions on how else I can remove the radio or if I need to push the rods to one side etc? Many Thanks, Kevin
  11. Kevee


    Hello, I am a new member to this forum and have recently purchased an 06 reg KA. I look forward to talking to you and maybe meeting up around my neck of the woods. Speak Soon, Kevin
  12. Welcome to the Ford forums Kevee :)