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  1. landman

    smax 2.5T modofocations

    No mechanical tinkerings on mine yet, but here's a list to date: - Head lights now +50% Side lights now 12w instead of 5w Fog lights +50% All interior bulbs changed to "warm white" LED's Puddle lights also changed to LED's Number plate lights changed to "blue" bulbs to match the LED's Brodit clip & holder for iPhone OE Sunshades for the summer Scratches added to front valence in car park yesterday
  2. landman

    Hi to all the smaxers

    No, not Mr B here, just Landman I bear no resemblance to the Mr B that you refer to. Honest. That must be my twin.
  3. landman

    Warning Lights on S-Max

    Did you get this sorted? The S-Max does have a very small problem with some ABS modules. Rgds, Landman
  4. landman

    Aftermarket Stereo Questions

    Yes you can. There are a number of members at the S-Max Owners Club who have done this. Some needed new surrounds, but fairly straight forward. You cannot buy a product yet that allows you to integrate in to the steering wheel controls. The only way, currently, of achieving this is to order a new S-Max with the USB slot in the glovebox. Landman
  5. landman

    Red i warning light

    The red "i" light should be on when the car is locked to tell you that the alarm is activated. HTH Landman
  6. landman

    s max heater

    Hi there, How old is the car? Ford recommend that you have the air con system "cleaned" once a year. My dealer charged me £25 to do it. You can get products from Halfords & "bomb" the system yourself. HTH Landman
  7. landman

    Sterio Unit Removal

    Did you manage to get the unit out? the 6000 and the 6006 are a real pain to remove. You do need 4 "keys" as you might have already found out. I changed my 6006 to a Sony 6-stack in my 1st S-Max. No need to remove any trim to do this. Rgds, Landman
  8. landman

    Drivers door collects water

    My guess is that some of the protective gunk they squirt in during build is blocking a hole somewhere, or is just sitting in an unusual way that directs the water in another direction. I would not worry too much. How's the car otherwise? Landman
  9. landman


    Hi MontyMagic, Have you checked for any foreign objects in the door rubbers? The S-Max system is designed to have an anti-trap function. If the window senses a restriction of some kind it will reverse itself. If that's all clear then you do have a problem with the motor. HTH Landman
  10. landman

    Hi to all the smaxers

    Blimey! Look what happened while I was absent last night. I like Zozzr's use of the word emigré ;)
  11. landman

    Hi to all the smaxers

    Hi yourself Mr L !
  12. landman


    Evening all, Owned & driven a variety of Fords over the years but currently owning a 2.5T powered S-Max. It's my second S-Max, previously I owned a 2.0 TDCi which was remapped to 175 bhp, the same as the new 2.2 TDCi engine. Happy to help anyone with questions on the S-Max as I've now driven one since September 2006 Be in touch Landman
  13. landman

    Landman's 2.5T S-Max

    * Ford S-Max 2.5T * Built 27/07/07 * Delivered 01/09/07 * Sports Pack 1 : Pan roof, sports sus, 18" wheels, Alcantara/leather trim * Climate Seats * Electric Folding Mirrors * DVD Sat Nav * Six-Stack CD Changer * AFS lights