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  1. Mk3 1.6Tdci - 25,000 Mile Service

    Im getting 48-49 mpg but thats driving like granny I've done just over 6k and yeah your right about motorway driving, I try to stick to 65-70. A roads are the best I was expecting better from a 6 speed box my old 09 tdci 1.6 DPF same 60 miles journey to and from work I was getting 53-55! What's yours been like for interior rattles and creeks?
  2. New Boy

    Cheers Lenny.
  3. Mk3 1.6Tdci - 25,000 Mile Service

    Hi Mate, out of interest what mpg are you getting at 25k?
  4. Mk3 Focus Steams Up Mega Easily All The Time

    Hi Jamie, this very rainy weather I was finding my mk3 screen was constantly steaming up, I have rubber mats, mine and passengers wet shoes was causing puddles on the mats. I didn't use the aircon instead I used the hot air blower set it to screen and feet on hot this seemed to eventually sorted it. I do travel to and from work every day an hour each way so the heat did eventually dry it out.
  5. Mpg Question

    I'm getting 49 mpg but I've done over 5500 miles I was getting 45ish in the early days, it's just starting to improve, I don't expect 50+ until over 10k miles. If your not happy return to Ford they can recalibrate the fuel system but I'd wait till you reach 10k and see if it improves. Regards, Jack.
  6. Mpg Question

    Hi Sara, is your car low mileage under 10k? Jack.
  7. A Collection Of Photos Of Car So Far!

    Stunning mate! Jack.
  8. New Boy

    Cheers guys, keeping it as it is at the moment but I would like better speakers and I like the new headlights with the LEDs, I also like the Zetec s look so I may look what options I have in changing the exterior look.
  9. New Boy

    Hi Guys, my names Jack I own a 2012 focus 1.6 Tdci, I've been reading this forum for awhile now and finally decided to join. :) Cheers, Jack
  10. Welcome to the Ford forums Yoshimitsu :)