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  1. 1.8 or 2.0 Diesel?

    hi Scott not been about much due to work I'm afraid (this will continue for the forseeable) general consensus seems to be if you go with the 1.8 then get the 6spd box, in my opinion it depends what you are going to use the car for. If its going to be 1-4 up and a lot of motorway cruising with one eye on the wallet then the 1.8 although an older and heavier engine is 'enough'. However if you are going to load it to the gunnals and need it for all sorts then the 2.0 TDCI does have that little bit extra grunt which brings a smile - particularly on 18's :) - I have left reps in standard German repmobiles standing at the lights in it when needing to get away quickly into filter lanes, the look on their faces is priceless. best solution - try them there is supposed to be a 1.6 turbo petrol coming out possibly with a form of DSG box on it but AFAIK nothings been said officially yet. My Mrs drives ours 80% of the time and I was worried that she would find it 1) too big, 2) its her first diesel 3) not liking the gear box after hondas - shouldnt have worried, shes taken to it like a duck to water and I have to prise the keys from her if I want a drive. cheers Z
  2. 2.2 vs 2.0 TDCi

    our non DPF 2.0TDci manual SMAX can come in at 32 mpg in London traffic and riding the turbo to get away cleanly at the lights ;) the torque can surprise some if you are doing a lot of short trips (sub 10 miles) for school runs I'd seriously consider a petrol or a non-DPF second hand SMAX as there are issues with DPFs not just on Fords but all makes. anecdotally many salesman dont even know that the new diesel SMAXs have DPFs or that there are problems on short runs with them

    IVDC is a 'marmite' option - however I would offer a few general observations if (like us) you live in an urban area with speed (harming) bumps, lowered sports suspension can cause your car to ground. A good friend has caused over £1k damage to his S line Audi on one well known problem hump in west hampstead at under 10mph and is persuing the council legally as the hump has been constructed out of spec. This not uncommon at all (see honest john in the motoring section of the Telegraph for more). IVDC offers a midway option in this environment as the standard suspension on 16", 17" or even 18" wheels just didnt do it for me. I have tried IVDC in a post jan 08 build that's the same spec as ours (post may 07 build) and you could hardly tell it was there, it turned out there was a fault with it - it does seem that also it can be adjusted somehow to vary in its effectiveness/obviousness/intrusiveness. All I can say is that on ours, it adds to the driving experience and stability especially when fully loaded. The Continuous Controlled Damping (CCD) controls the pitching of the car so there is better grip, for instance on a slope. More info here On poor quality road surfaces, for instance on the A30 east of Exeter, certain sections of the M25, A21, A1 near Catterick, A38/A42 near Lichfield etc the 'comfort' setting can make the passengers life much nicer and even quieten the car. in 'Sport' when taking twisty B roads in an energetic (but always within the law) frame of mind such as the B686 though Alston the IVDC with 18"s make the SMAX feel unlike an MPV and more like an Audi A4/S60. Big smiles. The ride quality still impresses, and so far (touch wood) a car sick prone Zozzette despite numerous 'incidents' in our Hondas (and Scenics, Trajets, X5s and Sedonas) has remained front and centre in the SMAX - which in my book means the car is worth every penny. just my observations on our SMAX - I know some have opposite views on the value of IVDC-CCD but we like it and would order again. waves at the black and white one!
  4. Which of these two deals is better?

    hi Ginolard the first question I would ask is when were these cars built (not registered), as post May 2007 build cars seem to have less manufacturing 'issues'. second, make sure both have ESP, some of the early ones didnt as its was an option - this is, in my view, a 'must have'. third, does either of them have an IR windscreen? You an see this as there is an 'IR' in a circle at the bottom of the glass - again I would suggest that this is a 'must have'. and then if it is a frosty morning, go and see the car and check that all the heating elements are working correctly - you can tell this by switching the heated front wind screen on and seeing if there is any 'barcoding' (striping) where elements are not working correctly. fourth, when the car is cold, take it for a little drive and leave the drivers window open and see if the steering is overly noisy - this is a known weakness in some cars and is fixable but better to not have it at all. there are other things to check out but this is a good start in my opinion. This is not to diminish the car, the SMAX is, in my opinion the best MPV out there, much better value than any X5 or Merc R series and just as reliable if not more so. keep us up to date cheers Z
  5. S Max ST

    apparently so... I'll b watching with interest
  6. SMAX rear wiper

    very useful, I've seen the Pug version but not a Ford one... I guess this will be fixed on the update next year?
  7. S Max ST

    basically, yes interestingly there is a rare beast, a volvo XC90 V8, the SMAX as far as I know uses this chassis. questions are: 1. would the SMAX floor plan accommodate an AWD system? from what I can make out, 'yes'. 2. whats the biggest engine you can get in an SMAX? the Yamaha derived V8 in the XC90 (and new S80) might...
  8. S Max ST

    exactly I must admit I'm surprised the new Focus RS doesnt use AWD - Ford know do know to do it rather well... this all harks back to the Volvo heritage of the chassis on the SMAX/Galaxy and Mondy as far as I can find out
  9. Hi to all the smaxers

    After some reflection on the matter (several glasses) I see no reason why I shouldnt post my thoughts on this forum or anywhere else for that matter, and take a 'wait and see' approach to how my posts are treated by the admins of any board including this. If its friendly, and my posts arnt 'spirited away', 'changed', or replied to with a friendly tone (rather than an aggressive attitude) and a little jovial banter is welcomed along the way, then like a good pub, I'll stay and enjoy the craic... Ultimately its the people and their knowledge that make any place, pub or forum an interesting place to be, and it is down to the Landlord, or Admins in this case, to have the good sense to encourage a friendly, respectful, informative place, where we can exchange ideas - after all we are contributing for free...
  10. S Max ST

    there has been much discussion all over the net about an RS-MAX, and the potential of the existing package to be upgraded. A few people have pushed the 300bhp barrier with the 2.5T, and should be applauded for the determination, if you have read the Ford press you will see that there was/is a very very quick SMAX belonging to Hairy - it is not my tale to tell, so I will leave it up to him as to what he wants to say on the matter. From my own individual investigations into the SMAX chassis I am 90% sure that there is space on the 'plan' for a 4x4 option, which with a big engine up front would be essential in my opinion to put the power down in a stable and drivable way. I do how ever bow to those with 1st hand experience in all these matters = I am still very much on a learning curve. When I have more time I am happy to post my thoughts on what for me is a now a long term project of buying a second hand 2.5T and 'playing with it' when time and resources allow - this may take me a while given the current work/life 'balance'. I use the term with the heaviest sense of irony I can muster. We will see how things progress...
  11. Hey...

    hi Vinny thanks for the warm welcome hopefully we can help out a bit in the SMAX corner
  12. Hi to all the smaxers

    One loyal friend is worth 10,000 relatives...
  13. Hi to all the smaxers

    ah seems like we have another emigré... nice to see you Jason I have to dash off now but I'll be about here a bit more regularly... cheers Z
  14. Hi to all the smaxers

    just to introduce myself now I've found everything... evening all we've had our SMAX 2.0 tdci Titanium for nearly 15 months now and overall we're very pleased with it. I'll do a proper introduction over in the SMAX corner as that's where I will be.
  15. Hey...

    this would be a good idea, as you know I am not a fan of censorship/posts disappearing, if I give my time and knowledge for free then also I expect some room for 'banter'...