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  1. Adjusting the back seats

    Hi C-maxxer - thanks for that, I'll have a go with it at the weekend. I read up on Cmax before I went to look at this, and some articles said steer clear of automatics and 1600s. I hope mine doesn't end up being a pig in a poke. Everythings OK up to now - my husband wanted me to have something he, and his mother could easily get into and tried his best to make me have a Picasso! We had one before and I hated it, felt like you tilted as you went round corners and had an almost non-existent turning circle. When I read up on Cmax it said that it for people who wanted a MPV but didn't want to drive one! So thought this would be good for me. It really sticks to the road without a tilt! Thanks for the help FL
  2. Adjusting the back seats

    Hi everyone I've had my baby for just over a week now. (04 CMax) and I love it! Have sussed everything out except for the back seats (have no manual or handbook) Can adjust seats to most positions, but when you fold the middle seat up and back, how do you get the 2 outer back seats to slide in on the diagonal runners? There is a pull lever at the front corner of the seat cushion, haven't pulled it too hard as it doesn't seem very sturdy, but then doesn't seem to do anything - what is it for, and is this something to do with the diagonal runners?? Help would be much appreciated. Cheers
  3. Workshop Manual

    I have had my C-max 2 days now - I have been searching the web to try and find a manual or instruction book as mine did not come with one. I too would like to hear from anyone who can tell me where to get either of these things?? I would like to know the basics of my car - sussed most of it - but you always wonder if you've missed something - plus I like to know about engine etc. Unfortunately wrote off my beloved Mondeo in December - love the C-max - it has more character. Wanted an MPV, but didn't want to drive one!