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  1. Hello everyone, I have just registered and thought I would introduce myself. I have a '57 Zetec TDCi Mondeo which I've owned for about a year now, and although for the first six months it spent more time on the back of a recovery lorry and in the garage than in front of my house, it hasn't given me much trouble lately. I enjoy having that much space in the car, especially with two small children and the amount of kit that they generally want to cart about! I may be a bit biased as I worked on the design of diesel Mondeos as a component engineer for Ford many years ago, but in spite of the problems I've had with this car I would still recommend it to most people. My previous car was a Subaru (although I've never worn a baseball cap backwards or overtaken at 60mph in a 30 zone!) Legacy, so the drop in power and toys was a bit of a downer, but getting 55mpg instead of 15mpg has put the smile back on my wallet! :) I'll be interested in knowing what modifications people typically carry out to their Mondeos and any hints and tips I can glean. Cheers! V.
  2. Welcome to the Ford forums Vormulac :)

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      Thanks Steve :)