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  1. Congrats to Nikki Rooke, who takes over as head of public affairs, events and sponsorship at @VolvoCarUK

  2. Also odd that you can't have the most powerful engine (170PS diesel) with the best gearbox (DSG). Would undercut Evoque by about £4k.

  3. Skoda Yeti 1.8 TSI 4x4 SE and Elegance are 160PS but SE Plus is 152PS. Same perf/emissions figs. Odd. Any idea why, @SkodaUK_Media ?

  4. Firenza has always been under-rated > RT @IamBenBarry: Dream garage stuff today at astra Vxr launch

  5. It's a great motor > RT @forduk: We're proud to announce that the EcoBoost 1.0-litre engine has won International Engine of the Year! ^KM

  6. Just had a client on the phone: "Our copy editor loves reading your articles because he never has to do anything." Mission accomplished!

  7. Videos of the #CoventryCarDay symposium, Bugatti Lecture and Q&A now available here

  8. Tell me that's a first attempt at using "Replace colour" in Photoshop RT > @banovsky: Ew.

  9. If you visited #CoventryCarDay we'd like to know what you thought - please complete our short survey here

  10. Did they use me & Merc SLS? > RT @CovUniCollege: Well done to all involved with the #CoventryCarDay. Great TV coverage on the local news

  11. Just catching up on the #coventrycarday tweets - seems like everyone enjoyed it!

  12. If you're in or around #Coventry come along to University Square to see the #CoventryCarDay display - over 100 cars new and old.

  13. This was next to the @MercedesBenz_PR SLS at my hotel this morning - wonder if it's coming to #CoventryCarDay ?

  14. If all goes to plan I'll be on @BBCCovWarks around 8am talking about #CoventryCarDay

  15. First three cars delivered for #CoventryCarDay - only 98 more to come

  16. Oooh, just been offered a Honda NSX for #CoventryCarDay tomorrow.

  17. Sorry - LH seat is promised to a beautiful lady > RT @jeckythump Any chance of a lift?

  18. Weather forecast for #CoventryCarDay - dry, with sunny intervals #yesplease

  19. Coventry Telegraph: All systems go for Coventry Car Day #coventrycarday

  20. My aerospace correspondents clue me up that MD merged with Boeing, so the Beeb was kinda right after all. Still confusing, though.

  21. Come on @BBCNews - two different makes given for the plane in this one story

  22. Takes 10sec of searching to confirm that MD-83 is made by McDonnell Douglas, not Boeing. Too hard for @BBCNews though:

  23. Just totted up the #CoventryCarDay display cars for 9 June: 98 confirmed, and just 3 spaces still available. Would be great to get >100.