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  1. 2012F Usb Iphone Issue

    Thanks for your reply. I've tried the update it does not work though. The screen keep showing, USB No files. Are you sure this works with my S model? I don't have a touch screen.
  2. 2012F Usb Iphone Issue

    Thanks for your reply guys Unplugged the battery for 10 mins and now everything is working great. Looks like the system saves each device or similar devices settings individually that's why it was working fine with flash memories and hard disks but not for iOS devices
  3. 2012F Usb Iphone Issue

    Hi It started doing that right after I played a video from my camera roll. My iDevices are all using 5.0.1 The weird thing it completely works fine with flash memories, Hard disk What Bluetooth module ? I don't have Bluetooth in my car. Or maybe I do. The car is 4 days old UPDATE: I just tried my sister 5.1.1 iPhone and still having the same issue. I want to reset the system, would take of the negative cable would do it ?
  4. 2012F Usb Iphone Issue

    Hi, I own a 2012 Focus S model. So I only have that simple radio screen. I ironically wanted to see what would happen if I played a video from my camera roll, suddenly the screen started generating numbers and changes it every 2 secs Now after this, I'm not able to choose playlists, albumes, nor artists with my iphone and my iPad. But it works fine when I use a flash memory!(Weird!) Here is a fast video shows my problem. What do you guys suggest? would unplugging the negative cable would work? as it will reset the whole ecu.
  5. I Want A Focus Rs :')

    Yeah! that's what hesitates me. I have found those 2 links, both selling stripes for the 2012 Sedan version. The ebay photo looks pretty solid. I liked it. The price is kinda high though. http://www.ebay.com/itm/2011-up-Ford-Focus-Sedan-Rally-Style-Over-Top-Stripe-Kit-precut-MotorINK-2012-/310371367750?pt=Motors_Car_Truck_Parts_Accessories&hash=item4843933b46&vxp=mtr#ht_1819wt_986 http://www.rjwmotorsports.com/p/2012-focus-racing-stripes Thanks for the link Sal :). Sadly, nothing for the new MK3.
  6. I Want A Focus Rs :')

    I would really love to own one! man maybe after I graduate from college. 2years left! From where do you guys get your rally stripes? do you get it from a localshop or online ? and is it really hard to install by your self? I have never purchased one.
  7. Modding A 1.6L Ti-Vct Duratec Focus?

    Post don't die!
  8. Modding A 1.6L Ti-Vct Duratec Focus?

    How about if I just bought the car? :) Thank you for sharing this info. The Bastuck Exhaust won't fit on my Sedan. Because it's for the hatch. However, European-parts.net recommend me to get a Bosi system built for Wagon LHD model. Which they say, it will fit on my sedan perfectly.( Your take?) For the remapping part, I'm not sure if it's possible to remap the new 2012 yet. Not even sure if I will find a company/workshop to do it for my focus unless SCT released something for it. Focus is rare here in my country. very rare!!!
  9. Modding A 1.6L Ti-Vct Duratec Focus?

    I understand. Could you post a link for the intake? I don't see any 1.7L on k&n website. I've been in touch with European-Parts the whole day. They reached to a conclusion that The Wagon LHD Bosi Exhaust will fit for my sedan. Bastuck won't fit since it's for Hatch, therefore the exhaust tips would be too short for my Sedan. What's your reply guys? UPDATE: artscot79 - I think there isn't a SCT chip-tuning yet for 2012 right?
  10. Modding A 1.6L Ti-Vct Duratec Focus?

    Lenny, I would only start thinking about ECU/remap when an Exhaust system especially released for my car model. Update: how about SCT? I have contacted them They will start making one for 1.6L soon.
  11. Modding A 1.6L Ti-Vct Duratec Focus?

    Thanks guys for all your replies! much appreciated. artscot79, why you keep calling it vvt? instead of Ti-VCT. You're totally correct. I've read that this engine is totally different than others. This explains why it's rare to find mods for it. (maybe) I've gotten in touch with PumpedSpeed, 3 days ago, asking them about my model. The VP of the company told me that they are thinking to make an exhaust kit for 1.6L Echo boost which it would fit after some transforming, on 1.6L Ti-VCT Duratec. They may start working on it 2-3 months from now. Let's hope they will!
  12. Hi, I own a 2012 Focus Sedan 1.6L Ti-VCT Duratec (tiptronic automatic transmission). Since in Asia we only have the European model. I would like to mod it and give it some boost and sound. That being said, do you guys know any Exhaust System, Intakes, could work with this model? Most American websites are not sure if any mod parts would fit into the 1.6L since they don't have this model. I'm looking for your suggestions and hear from everyone who modded the same model. Note: Costumed Made mods are always freak me out. Since I'm not sure how good our workshops are with Focus!
  13. Welcome to the Ford forums ic0der :)