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  1. Mk 2.5 (Facelift) Led Rear Lights

    Guys Just out of curiosity how much are these new Iv come across a pair for 100 without the loom if I buy the loom from fords call it 65 for both so 165 So is it still worth it from new cheers guys
  2. Ford Logo Welcome Lights

    I done mine from the window
  3. Focus Mk2.5 (Facelift) Bumpers

    It's in the new think Avalon blue or something
  4. Hi guys Iv jus upgraded my mk2.5 bumpers with the st ones and I have my old bumpers for sale I'm in the Essex area No damage on them at all Email me if ur interested Trigger_bytes@hotmail.co.uk
  5. Hi guys My mate emailed me a photo of a focus mk2.5 rs with a flat bottom steering wheel looks aaaaamazing I want this steering wheel really bad but can't find it anywhere been looking for days now Help would b appreciated I would've put the pic up but using an iPhone and ain't got that option sorry
  6. Mk2 Interior Light

    Hi guys I saw a video here somewhere on this forum but can't find it any more It's regarding the door handle case 3 led mod Can some1 point me in the right direction of da vid as iv bought da leds n now stuck lol many thanks n sorry for changing da subject ;)
  7. If this works I owe u a big drink my friend
  8. I saw that he wasn't much help It don't show the main bits
  9. Hi there guys I have a mk2.5 focus I just bought a pair of xenons off a 2010 st exact fit (has da ballast n bulb fitted) Plugged it on everything works but the xenon lol Been to a few electricians (car audio security places) and they ain't got a clue lol I have da old wiring loom cut off from the st It has 3 extra wires than mine on it They Want to know what they are b4 starting work on it as they r scared if anything happens As da lights r really expensive Lol Basically I need help gettin this to work please some 1 lol
  10. Hi there I bought a pair of xenons (original) it's off a 2010 st My cars a 2009 zetec Im having issues getting them to work, I need a wiring diagram or some sort of advise pleeeeeease as iv sold my originals n now just driving on fogs at night don't want to get in trouble with the law And also would love to c them working
  11. Welcome to the Ford forums Julz :)