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  1. My Minor Mods To Date

    Brigante, this looks exciting. Show the end result.
  2. Fitting A Dash Cam To A Focus

    Which one did you get talksy? Im currently looking at cams.
  3. Brigante thats funny. Just your luck ay. I appreciate all help from this. I understand if i had a manual or such it'd be easier and no need to ask but i knew id get answers here. Thank you both very much
  4. Clive thanks a ton, cleared it up for me. Brigante i know for sure i haven't got any spares but thanks for that. I didn't even realise this myself until i bought some new fuses when i first got my car. Little smart way put them. So the new fuses i need are 'Mini blade fuses' is that correct gents.
  5. Sounds a small stupid, if i swapped one of the 20A fuses around to try and see if it is the fuse while the car is turned off, i can't damage anything can i or blow anything... Being i use correct rating of fuse.
  6. Im laughing, why iv said 16v i do not know. Anyway the 12v do you know which it is Clive?
  7. Gents, Been away for some time, very committed at work at the moment all i can say is Remembrance Day and Syria. Syria being the big one there. Anyhow got in my car this morning, nothing from my 16v Socket (where push start usually is) then i checked the one in the armrest... Nothing there. I assume its the fuse? Upon opening the Fuse box... Which is the 16v socket and what rating is it? They're labelled 'F' i think i can remember. Also... I have ALOT of empty spaces in my fuse box, could i be missing some essential features in my car or is there suppose to be gaps? Hope alls well with you guys, will try get back active soon. Thanks
  8. Speed Camera

    While on subject we've have a big increase on these mobile van camera's.... Do they really shoot as far as rumoured? Very sneaky around here for them lately, i don't know why but even on the safest dual carriageways they're making a presence but causing more chaos and severe panic / braking amongst drivers causing a chain effect.
  9. Private Plate

    eBay, Ford Focus ST owners club, here, local newspaper, gumtree, DVLA, google other companies. With a plate like that if you 'shop' around you may get a good selection of quotes. Obviously these ways are just to advertise the plate, the fee's / paperwork would then have be done correctly.
  10. Couple Of Small Mods Carried Out

    You've explained that at best iv heard yet. Thanks il have a go at mine whenever i get chance get away from work. Whats next? Cars looking great, have you got the OSRAM yet? Iv just purchased these last week, best bulbs iv bought up to date.
  11. Private Registration Plates

    The amount iv had with luck with instances, put me off alot of things. When i tinted my windows to FACTORY Ford standards, LV cancelled my insurance as they don't approve of modifying. Scam.. I have found a plate i want from the DVLA site, £250 i assume £80 on top for fee, would there be an other fee's hidden?
  12. Vote For The Foc T-Shirt

    Not bad designs, i like 2+9 mostly.
  13. Couple Of Small Mods Carried Out

    Clive car looks great, was it easy removing the bottom silver clip on the steering wheel, this is the one bit I'm worried of snapping while removing.
  14. Lenny, again top work I'm going to order one. Im curious, why is the filter for my standard 1.6 (07 onwards) cost more than the TDCI models? Surely the TDCI models would get more better outcome?