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  1. Everyone go home. Go to bed. Saturday has been completed by 2:50. Only way this can get any better is if I drop some acid.

  2. Project Management has something to do with Hedgehogs? #WTF

  3. First game after 7 years in retirement. War wounds already. Not to mention the kick in the riblets. #NoFear

  4. I need adult supervision.

  5. Epic judgement of the weather. Sunny when left. Put gilet on. !Removed! it down now finished work. Body's warm. Arms are wet. #!Removed!

  6. Rush home. Shower. Snack. Quick detox. Get ready. Drink. All by 7:30. Mission : Possible

  7. Lecture about interview techniques. Seems like a waste of time for me. #5Years working.

  8. Student loan = shopping. Also means going into burtons to put example on the jukebox and having a sly boogie. #SpunkTheLoan!

  9. 11 a side career is back on track. Not too late for a goalie at 23. Conference here I come. #WishfulThinking

  10. Talent spotting in the library. Perfect time wasting.

  11. There seems to be a hand puppet wielding maniac behind poulter for his interview. #RyderCup

  12. Big man David James outside AFC Bournemouth.

  13. “@RelatableQuote: I hate when you're forced to be nice to someone who you really just want to throw a brick at.”trust you to like this

  14. Sitting here with my Kiwi buddy @meosborne93 enjoying the cricket rivalry. #T20

  15. #GBTTK = Get back to the kitchen

  16. White Noise. Y U No Scary?

  17. McIlroy just made that chip look so easy. Unbelievable Tekkers

  18. I would very much like my student loan today. Or tomorrow. That'd be nice. #Skint

  19. First day of school over. Sleep time. #Bosh

  20. Student loan needs to hurry up. £3.64 left in my wallet until then.

  21. I can't believe I considered getting rid of my car. I love it so much. #TrueLove

  22. My train is being driven by a woman. I'm screwed. #StickToTheKitchen

  23. No work now till next Tuesday. Is it appropriate to say 'See You Next Tuesday' as I leave #etiquette

  24. Just seen a man in a wetsuit with a surfboard walking around town. #InterestingAttire

  25. All I want is lunch. Not to queue for an hour to order a subway/KFC. I need sustenance.