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  1. My previous cars first owned the white one as standard and then the blue standard were both the 1.4hdi versions sorry for poor pics had to take them off another forum for peugeots im on
  2. Thanks alot for all that info. I will buy the cheaper set heko ones i believe. as for lowering the car really cabt as ive got a very high dodgy made driveway and would rub very easily. I will get some more pics up once ive fitted the wind deflectors and sorted out a few more things. will also show pics of my previous cars both peugeot 206s that i modded
  3. also i installed a jvc double din dvd player i took the usb connector out of this position. I want to buy another on of these plastic blanks but dont know what its called can someone tell me pls. Pls look at image below for what im on about Finally does anyone know where i can buy some wind deflectors from for my car 5 door set dark tint ones? ive been asking on ebay but no one is getting back to if theyre correct for my model.
  4. I picked up thw alloys fitted them..managed to gt hold of some centre caps from ford but chrome also had the car rear tinted. Now im trying to find wind deflectors but cant seem to get andly luck. Also how do i upload pics through my phone as i have no.computer at the moment to use?
  5. Thankyou for that information. I won the alloya in the end.and will do as you said upload some pictures of the car before and after aswell. Really appreciate your help Karim
  6. I recently purchased a 2009 1.6 tdci ford focus in White 5 door. previous car was a 1.4hdi 206 peugeot thank god its gone. my plans for the ford are 18" st alloys and tint out the car hids and probably.leave it at that or upgrade the front lights to projector black lights xenon ones. atm i simply upgraded the bulbs to mtec cosmos white/blue bulbs look good for now. ive seen some alloys on ebay i want to buy but the guy has had them on his jaguar x type and when i ask will the fit my ford he says i dont know can anyone help ebay item number 140780864215
  7. Welcome to the Ford forums KARIM :)