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  1. Titanium X Spec

    The main difference is the seats, titaniums don't usually have leather or heated seats, possibly different wheels
  2. About to replace the Sony Head unit with a travelpilot fx, but need to enable sat nav on the convers+ screen. Does anyone in the Northampton area have IDS that could update the settings?
  3. Hi all New to the forum, but been driving Fords for 18 years, good ones and bad! Recently brought 2008 Mondeo TDCI Titanium X in Tonic Blue
  4. Problem With Ford Bluetooth

    Not sure as I only have an iphone 4s, but have you tried rebooting the phone? Sometimes this happened to me on various headunits and reboot has fixed it. You may want to debond the phone and check that there are no other phones bonded (previous owners) 1. Press the ‘PHONE’ button on the audio unit. 2. Press the ‘MENU’ button on the audio unit. 3. Select the ‘DEBOND’ option on the audio unit. 4. Scroll through the different phones MAKE SURE YOU HAVE YOUR RADIO CODE BEFORE GOING ANY FURTHER. I DIDNT NEED IT BUT HAD IT TO HAND JUST IN CASE. Keeping your finger on the on /off button of the radio, for about 10 seconds till the screen goes blank for a moment. The radio will come back on . Bond your phone again and hopefully away you go I've also seen posts that suggest pulling the fuse for 30 seconds (F6 according to the Mondeo handbook, in the fuse box under the glove box), then insert and enter security code.
  5. Usb

    Possibly not, if it's fitted then theres a module above the golvebox. Does the phone option appear on the convers+? With regards to the USB, the 08 won't have the right module as the USB runs of the bluetooth module, the USB port on it is only for updating the bluetooth. So you'd have to replace the module, it also depends on what headunit you have, you'll need one with firmware 05-04-02 (press 1 & 6 to see details), if not it needs a new headunit, the DAB headunits usually work. However, it needs to be from a Mondeo to work with the bluetooth/voice control, the Focus ones do not work. The part number you'd need is 8S7T-18C939-xx, so it could get expensive! If you don't have bluetooth and voice control, then worth looking at the denison gateway to add USB (about £130), if your car does have bluetooth the dension disables it.
  6. Welcome to the Ford forums videodj :)