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  1. Sync2 Satnav Upgrade

    Bannko, Seems like your guide for enabling nav to sync 2 is pretty easy to follow, could you PM me details too? So far all I've found is the OBDGenie for £1k or the ship to US option.. Cheers in advance!
  2. The wind deflectors seem to be bedded in fairly nicely. I've got a newest of clips which are slightly smaller on the way, so hopefully they will fit, and make that slight extra improvement. Today I hoovered out my car, it was about time it got done, I can't remember the last time I did. I still need to take a couple of things out, like random clothes lying about in the back, which I hate. I also ordered a set of fly eyes in black 1. Opted for the largest 45x150cm sheet, hoping it will be plenty to do my entire car? Will it be enough, or will I need to use it in a certain pattern to get the most out of it?
  3. Fiesta Reversing Camera And Screen

    Right, so I'm looking to install a reversing camera using much the same method as used here, but rather than drilling holes in my bumper, I'd rather use one of the ones that replaces a number plate bulb. Any ideas of good cameras to use, or how to route the cables through?
  4. Today was a good day, I took my car and had my wheels done gloss black. Thanks to the guys at the wheel specialist Edinburgh. (Side effect of this however was wandering about shopping all day). Then, when I got home, literally as I was pulling up, the dhs driver climbed out his van with my heko wind deflectors. Unfortunately when fitting these, I noticed a tiny crack on the passenger side one, so Ive contacted the seller and should get a replacement. I have fitted them ATM anyways, and they look great but the passenger side one especially seems to interfere with the window, and it struggles to go up. I'm hoping once I've left them to bed in for a day or two, that issue will go away. The clips also do not seem to fit in the window channel, has anyone else experienced this?
  5. Fiesta Alloys Powder Coating

    Hi there, I have a set of the 5 spoke alloys which split at the end of each spoke like a spanner and was wondering if anyone who also has them has had them powder coated in black, or anthracite? Or any other dark colour. I have a white fiesta and want to get black/dark alloys, but can't decide between black and anthracite.
  6. Asian Grill

    So finally I have managed to get the inserts finished, and get the grill on the car. Very happy with the result :D In answer to my question, no the chrome is not transferable. There is actually a different grille with cars that have chrome, as it has extra tabs and holes to hold the chrome on. I can show pictures if you want.
  7. Finally got round to fitting my new asian grill after spending the last week and a half painting the inserts (due to work, and not being able to proceed when I should have been able to) Anyways. I'm happy with the result :) Grille, after I attach my number plate: Bearing it's teeth: After on my fez:
  8. Asian Grill

    So, my grill arrived today, not too bad on delivery time really, given that it came from Poland, via Germany and there was a long weekend bank holiday in the middle (dunno if that would affect delivery). So I went to halfords and purchased my frozen white paint, had all the re st from a project on an old car so I shall set to work today getting the inserts painted. Being honest, I have not actually opened the box yet and looked t it, are the inserts easy to remove? Edit: so it seems the inserts are really easy to remove, just 4 small clips holding them in. I have sanded them down, and applied an initial light coat of primer. I plan on applying another couple of coats, then lightly sanding it down again and applying another coat or two before starting with paint. Shame today is my last day off this week, a least I have an afternoon off in a couple of days. At least I know each coat will be dry haha This is the inserts, the one on the bottom is sanded down, the top is untouched:
  9. So, I decided the other day that the factory lighting in the boot of the fiesta is abysmal, and that I wanted to do something about it. My initial plan was to instal a second light on the other side of the car, but I realised that that still wouldn't be great. After thinking for a while and looking at various options, I decided the best way to do it would be install them on the bottom of the parcel shelf, and it should be fairly simple to make them 'invisible' as there are some quite deep ridges on the shelf where they could be hidden, which would also help to aim them down when the boot was open. So, I am currently in the planning stage, and the plan is to get a couple of LED strips, or anything else if anyone has any recommendations? Then to use a quick release connector wired into, and hidden next to the current light, so that if I need to remove the parcel shelf, I still can. I have found some quick release connectors which seem perfect: http://www.autoelectricsupplies.co.uk/product/37/category/7 and since it will be hidden they don't have to look good. Has anyone else done this? Or a similar boot lighting install to shed some wisdom?
  10. Today, I have made the first 'mod' to my car, excluding the red footwell lighting I put in a couple of days after I got the car. (Changed the bulbs to red LEDs). Before: After: So, I applied my dmb gel overlays, in a nice white/chrome combination. I have had these sitting in the house now for nearly a week, but have not had the chance to do anything with them, as for some reason, there was no such thing as a hair dryer in my house, how strange. Tesco however sorted me out with a nice heat adjustable multi speed hair dryer with a nice nozzle for only £8.
  11. Asian Grill

    You just did to my parade, what birds love doing to my car...Also, has anyone who has the chrome trim around the grill, and along the windows installed this grill? Does the chrome go back or what? Still waiting on delivery, 5 days ago when tracking was last updated it was in Germany.
  12. Asian Grill

    Nah. The price was £931 odds. Dunno wether it was a typo on their part from currency conversion or something maybe?Anyways, I still got it for £30 so no complaints from me, although I thought I was pushing it at £30. Wish I had chanced it at £25 now. Shipping is free but could take a few weeks, I might see if he could do a speedier shipping and pay the difference, depending on cost. Shall certainly post some pictures. Might show the WIP too haha. Edit: the seller has put the item back up, at a much less extortionate price of £32, if anyone else is looking for one. Item still has the best offer on, so you may get it even cheaper.
  13. Asian Grill

    Hi guys, so new member and all that but have been reading for a long time. Last night I was browsing eBay, and came across an asian grill priced at £900 odd, with a best offer, so I thought I might aswell cheese it and offer £30 ( always start low) knowing that they usually sell for around £50.. Or at least, that's the cheapest I've sentence them. So I wake up this morning to find a nice email telling me my offer has been accepted. £30 delivered for a new asian sport grill, NICE :). My fez is a pre facelift frozen white which I have only had a month. I have some primer from halfords that I used for my old car. Will that be fine for the inserts to do them white, and some frozen white from there too?
  14. Stereo Problem/question

    Hi, last night while in my car, my radio started flickering on/off (the lights on it) and then it turned completely off, as if it had been disconnected from the battery. About 30 seconds later it came back on but was asking me to enter the code (I have the code, so that isnt a problem). I'm wondering if this is a common fault, or what the problem could be? I have the stereo version shown below: (Not my photo, but it is the same as that) I was wondering if it is possible to install one like the one below: . Another question, is, what is the difference between the one i have, and the one shown below? Is it that the bottom one has a multichanger, and bluetooth? What does the PTY button do? Many thanks, I hope you can give me some answers to my questions :)
  15. Grab Handle

    Any idea what to use to tighten them? I've flipped out the cap bits but nothing I have tried seems to actually tighten anything.