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  1. Great had looked there but only saw carpet. Then worked out that the carpet removes and central fuse box hidden behind it! Many thanks!!
  2. Hi! I think that the fuse(s) have blown on the front cigarette lighter and passenger power outlet in my mk4.5 61 plate 2.2 TX estate as these worked then stopped. I am having trouble tracking down which fuse box and which fuse to check. I know where the fuse box is under the bonnet and I have found the rear fuse box in the load bay.. and that fuse seems OK but may only feed the load bay power outlet. There is mention of a central fuse box but I can't find it!! I don't smoke but still use a separate satnav which needs the power as the fitted converse+ satnav doesn't follow the 'safety' cameras!! Can anyone help?
  3. Mondeo in Limp Mode

    Wonder is the extra load on the engine is enough to have the EMS computer see the DPF as needing to regenerate as becoming blocked and needs a good burn or blow out? Had this happen to me when i had just got mine TX2.2 and frightened the life out of me as the engine went into limp mode but that still was OK fro 70 on the flat in top... reassured by the helpful folk on this site. Amber EML cleared on restart and MPG improved from a disappointing 36mpg to a less disappointing 40mpg... noting my prev 55 TX2.2 still showed 48 to 51mpg at 185k miles [proven at the pump with trip miles/litres fill]. Hope that helps!!
  4. Hi! I am not an expert but there is plenty of advice out there. Try You Tube. Have just bought my 2nd Titianium x 2.2 and this has the PSA 200BHP engine. The balance of advice appears to be first remove and clean the EGR valve and do this annually; 2nd fit a restriction plate on the EGR pipe back to the inlet manifold but don't block it off entirely although some more experts do. I fitted a plate with an 8 or 9mm hole to reduce the amount of gas. I have to say that the effect on my previous TX 2.2 where the EGRV is engine front left was much more impressive. The PSA engine has the DPF too and that's another area for possible engine performance resfriction that could be addressed.
  5. Problems With Egr Valve

    Once again thanks for your responses! I'll blank off the EGR and look to have the DPF gutted and the ECU remapped.
  6. Problems With Egr Valve

    Thanks to both Mark and Alan for their responses!! Would anyone know if total blanking plate is that much better for the engine performance than fitting a gas flow restriction plate? I would rather not have the eml come on permanently if it might mask a 'real' code alert.... but if the difference is noticeable then maybe... Removal of the entire EGR valve and fitting a sleeve might be a step too far for me.. what with all those loose plugs doing nothing!! Mind you my 186k 2.2 Mk3 still runs as smooth as silk and does better mpg [48 to 51] than the 2.2 PSA engine [38 to date] - the gearbox is more positive too! My old 2.2 Mk3 ran a lot better both performance and economy once I had fitted the restriction plate, I also removed and cleaned the EGR valve once a year too, it needed it and I wonder why this is not part of the Ford maintenance requirement. A garage told me that the 2.2 engines don't like town driving and prefer high speed ... both mine definitely prefer to run at speed; the Mk3 is easier/more tolerant of town driving than the 200PS Mk4. Anyway next is to see if there a dfpf and what to do about that.... then if B6 Bilstein monoshocks improve the back end and remove the 'boaty' ride!!
  7. Problems With Egr Valve

    Hi! I have just changed to a 61 plate 2011 Mondeo 2.2 TDCi 200 PS PSA engine model. I previously fitted an EGR restriction plate to my former Mk3 2.2 and am thinking of doing the same on this newer car. Can anyone confirm if this is OK to do? Could I actually even fully blank off the EGR pipe?
  8. Hi! I need to renew the rear shocks on my Mondeo estate 55 plate. I have also been told that the rear discs and pads are 75% worn. Seems to me that I may as well change the whole lot in one go. Selected Bilstein B4 for the shocks and generic least cost discs and pads... does this make sense? I think that I need to remove the wheel arch liners to access the top mount of the shocks... haven't looked yet but is this right? Also, I've been told that I need a windback tool for the calipers so does anyone know whether I need a left hand or right hand tool? Anything I need to look out for in doing these jobs? Grateful for all advice received.
  9. Welcome to the Ford forums Jezza7 :)

    1. Jezza7


      Steve, thanks. I have a Mondeo Estate 2.2 Titx, on a 55 plate [and an Escort, SportKa and Focus too.... a Ford for all the family!!!]. You guys have already been so helpful on my EGR valve and OBD2 stuff that jpoing seemed the right and good thing to do!!