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  1. Rear Bush Replacement

    no im meaning the removal of the rubber inserts on original ones i believe the metal casing has to be left in position when replacing with the poly ones
  2. Rear Bush Replacement

    so will i need to get the bush removal tool to make it easier to get them out i done them on a lagune warlier this year nd look similiar sorta set ups but the laguna ones needed 5 ton pressure to press them in
  3. Rear Bush Replacement

    so do the rubber inserts remove easily or are they a nightmare to get out???
  4. Rear Bush Replacement

    hello our mondeo 2001 mk3 tddi needs the rear bushes replaced for the mot however i have been reading its better to go with the poly bushes as they are easier to fit than the OE ones however i have a couple of questions 1 - if i buy the removal tool and change in situ do i have to remove the rear wheels and jack car up on axle stands or can they be done with wheels in place 2 - if i get poly bushes is it correct that the metal outer casing of the original bushes stays in place ( ie only remove the rubber inserts ) ??? 3 - is there anything i have missed???
  5. Welcome to the Ford forums Vicky Hamilton :)