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  1. Hi all I'm changing my current focus to an older model ( its diesel and cheaper) At the moment i have a really nice leather wraped handbrake (2013) , and the one im going into has the old style plastic one (2012) . Both are titanum spec by the way I was wondering if 1) anyone knows how to swap them over and 2) are there any for sale? I cant find either anywhere! Thanks!
  2. Its worked!!!!! Thanks guys for the advice! saved me a few hours down Ford! Cheers again!!
  3. Haha maybe, but its usualyy in my jacket pocket which sits in the back seats....
  4. Ahh awesome cheers guys! no idea why its gone onto that setting! Will try it soon! Thanks again!
  5. Hi all For a few weeks now i have been getting into my car as normal ( key in my pocket and putting my hand on the door handle and car unlocks ) but now its different, i would get into the car and sit in the drivers seat whilst my girlfirend is still locked outside and trying to get into the passenger side. She then has ago at me thinking im joking about and locking the door on purpose... when im not. I then have to either A) use the keys and press the unlock button TWICE to unlock all the doors or B ) press the door lock button on the dash board. Woundering if anyone els has had this issue or any idea what is making this happen. I will go into Ford to get it sorted (hopefull) but work is mental and i have no personal time at the moment. Thanks James Rosier
  6. because i wanted the 1.0 ecoboost... im not complaining im just curious
  7. Hi all! I was thinking the other day when filling up with fuel and i noticed next to me an LPG Pump at 40.8p a litre!! It got me thinking, is it worth it and how good is it? Iv done abit of research on it and was wondering if anyone els has heard or know anyone that has done an LPG conversion on any focus/ford/car etc... I have a 1.0 ecoboost and getting around 45-47MPG plus and LPG tank.... Just curious... Anyone els? James
  8. Hi When i first got my focus (March 2013) i used a Y cabel to connect it to SYNC, after a while problems rose with SYNC not working, so what i did instead was use just a normal USB cable from apple or an USB cabel to 30 doc connector. After i used this i have had no issues with SYNC at all. ( i also have an iPhone 4s) Hope this helps
  9. Hi all Has anyone put the 30mm EIBACH loweing springs on anyones MK3 focus that ford sell on their accesories page? Thanks
  10. Hi guys i have a 2013 focus (titanium 1.0l ecoboost) i have had no problems with SYNC except for when i plug in my iPhone (4s) it comes up with "USB ERROR" or along those lines, but then i just click play all tracks and it works fine, so no issues. Also just recently i got messages to work!! :D so happy! - again only slight problem is that it does not come up with the persons name texting me but "UNKNOWN" but oh well... Way to do it if anyone has an iPhone - go onto bluetooth - click on SYNC (Settings) then click on show notifications, this will then show incoming text messages. (unfortunatly i dont know how it works for android phone)
  11. It does indeed! thats why im looking at maybe changing over if its possible!
  12. Na haven't found any yet just staring to look and see if ifs possible!
  13. As the title sujests does anyone know anyone or how to/if its possible to change the headlights of a normal Tit to a Tit X headlights with the DRL;s etc.... Thanks
  14. Cheers mate for that! have tried a something on my iPhone 4s is on the bluetooth option is to turn "show notifications" on so maybe... just maybe....
  15. Hi guys just been reading on the fiesta forum thats someone has got their text messages coming through through SYNC, im just wondering if anyone has done this on their new focus yet and if so... HOW? Thanks for any comments :)
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