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  1. Hi Guys, think i've decided again the BMW X5 alloys - too big! but i've had other idea's, maybe some OZ Superleggera's or DOTZ GT-r 's on a lowered Metropolis Blue Focus? Although I'm being picky about colour so upto you ^_^ And also anything you guys think would look good ..
  2. Photoshop Wanted :)

    yea, but different enough to look good! Oh my I didn't even think about that. I hate pothole's as it is with my 17's. <_<
  3. Photoshop Wanted :)

    I'm 50/50 with that to be honest! If you're going to change them, why not be mega different?! Only downside to these are the tyres - OUCH!
  4. Photoshop Wanted :)

    woah, i love that!! what do you think about it? also, nice handy work, thanks a lot ^_^
  5. Photoshop Wanted :)

    Hi Guys, I was trailing through a few websites and something clicked in my head.. X5 wheels on a mk1 Focus? Is it possible? I haven't got a picture of my Focus at te moment but i'm sure it wouldn't be hard to find one :D if someone does do this, obviously the car should be lowered! Thanks in advance -Chris
  6. Hid's

    killjoy or not it's still advice! Like i said I've done a little digging around, and I know about MOT's :) I would change them back just for that, although a couple of my friends are MOT'ers :D Thanks again guys!
  7. Hid's

    Thanks for the warm welcome guys and also for the advice! I know you're going to hate me for saying but I might go with the H7r for my standard units at the minute. See what they're like, then purchase some of the projectors! - They're a damn sight cheaper too I think I'm going to go with the hids4u selection. They seem to be of a higher standard to most, and a good reputation.. Perfect! I'll keep you both updated and upload photo's of before and after! Thanks again ^_^ -Chris
  8. Hid's

    Hi Guys I'm new to this Forum! I've been shopping around and done some research on HID's and found out a little information like getting Projector lights ect.. Although I've been told about a lot of different bulbs. I've been told the H1's for Main Beam & H7's for Dipped Beam. is this true? Do you need different bulbs if you have the Projector parts or can you use the same bulbs if you have the normal Reflector light?! I have an 03 Ford Focus 1.8 TDCI. Confused.com! Thanks ^_^ -Chris
  9. Welcome to the Ford forums Cris.Cronin :)