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  1. What Bulb Do I Need?

  2. hey guys, i had installed fluorescent(halo) rings in my headlights a while back, which i do like, but sometimes in cold weather they need to warm up before they reach full brightness, which bugs me, and me being me i have decided i want to change them, my idea is to get some really bright led strips which i can open up my headlight again, remove the rings and install the strips. but not sure on where exactly would look best to put them, anyone with pics or ideas on where would be great, thanks. simon
  3. What Bulb Do I Need?

    hey all, just wanting to upgrade my interior courtesy light to an led one, what type and size bulb is it, i have a 2007 mk2 focus. thanks.
  4. i got hold of a mk3 focus rear interior light and have cut it into place and spliced the wires from it into the wires going into my current light in the front, problem is that it seems to be sending a constant current through and wont turn off on its own when doors are shut etc, but the front one still does. can anyone shed some light on my situation please. thanks in advance. simon.
  5. How easy is it to wire up mk2.5 onto mk2 aparently they fit but plugs are different. Any pics or diagrams for it please..
  6. Wiring Loom For Dual Reverse...help!

    Cheers guys. What bulbs do we all use? Links please.
  7. Wiring Loom For Dual Reverse...help!

    Do you just splice the new loom into existing loom?
  8. Lookin at doin the dual reverse bulb mod. Got the euro reverse light with red bulb for fog. can I use the reverse loom and bulb holder from a mk1 st. I would think its pretty much the same. got a guy breaking one locally so if I can use it that would be easiest for me
  9. Gear Knob Change. Will It Fit?

    Anyone know of an aftermarket gaitor which is longer but would fit the focus. ?
  10. Gear Knob Change. Will It Fit?

    So u reckon il need a longer gaitor and cable tie it under the knob?
  11. http://www.demon-tweeks.co.uk/performance/gear-knobs/richbrook-officially-licensed-ford-leather-gear-knob I want to change from my stock knob to this richbrook one. Is it a straight swap on a mk2 focus 07 plate.with no adjustments. Or do I meed anything else too. will the gaitor fit right? thanks.
  12. ah thanks. problem is i dont think the boot is gonna be big enough, as i have a 1 1/2 year old and the buggy will be a tight squeezee...:( i love the fiesta though lol.
  13. Sorry to be a newb but whats RFL
  14. Thanks for the reply. Whats the average yearly and 6 monthly tax on your dads fiesta? Thanks.