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  1. Rattles

    The noise is a constant irritating distraction that draws your attention to it instead of your driving.When you can't hear that there's the knock from the back to contend with,Add the poor MPG the dip and loss of power when hot,At knocking on for 60 years old i have to say it's the worst car I've had the misfortune to own.I paid far more for it than i ever have in the hope it would see me through to retirement age,if i hadn't used all my spare cash on it it would PX on a garage forecourt NOW.
  2. Rattles

    Foot note to this post,Just been on one of my usual routes rattle no better looks like shoved a peice of cardboard in not very happy[CAR CRAFT]
  3. Rear shock absorber knock?

    Hi Woodie as you may have read in other post I've got the car back and a knock from the back end was one of the thing i reported but bringing it back I'm sorry to say i can still hear something to be honest i don;t think they've even looked at it and have come to the same conclusion as with the dashboard rattle its something that little can be done about.However if you do find a solution please post a thread i will be checking back every now and the or leave a message in my private message's sorry i can't be of any more help to you.To be honest if i could turn back the clock and know what i know now i would never have bought a fusion.I have paid more for this car than any other in the past and its the worst car I've owned I've had a fiesta and an Escort and to be quite frank they could both blind the Fusion on just about every level. <_<
  4. Rattles

    Hi Malc65 finally got the car back after 3 days but haven't had chance to test it on the roads that usually creates the rattle.Although bringing it back it did sound a little quieter but i can still hear a slight noise.When i opened the hatch there where trace of what looked like silicon seal so it looks like they've tried to bodge it.But like you will wait until it gets a bit warmer to have a look.I've come to the conclusion that this is a design fault along with other recurring faults that a lot of people posting on this site are reporting and that is going to be virtually impossible to totally eradicate,Probably explains why they've been PX in the first place anyway good luck and hope you can find a solution.
  5. unusual noise

    Problem resolved after 3 days back at the place i purchased the car from this issue at least has been sorted"pound coin on top of heater matrix"So the moral of the story is Don't let your kids use the air vents as a money box.But there are other issues i mentioned that i will post in the appropriate threads.
  6. Rattles

    Hi Malc65 thanks for the reply know what you mean about the cold you just don't feel like messing about with cars when you can't feel your fingers,I took mine back today still under warranty asked me if i wanted it back today and i told them to keep it as long as it takes to get it right so i can't throw any more light on the subject just yet,I know there's no haynes manual I've searched but i did come across this site don't know if its any good to you or anyone else on this site though. http://www.gennersales.co.uk/fordcarmanual...orkshop_Manuals I don't Know if its just schematics or has written instructions like an haynes.
  7. unusual noise

    Thanks already done this just about ripped the car apart,as i have said the cars still under warranty so i took it back yesterday [ MONDAY ] and booked it in for this fault and at leased 3 more Ive identified from this site,Dashboard rattle,Knocking from the back,and a similar posting about loosing power when hot the difference being with mine it doesn't start or starts but hunts until the engine picks up.
  8. Rear shock absorber knock?

    Hi me again ive already posted a question[unusual noise]and left a reply to dashboard rattles as i have the same problem now reading your post it seems i also have the same problem as you,A rattling dash metal sliding about and a knock on the rear end sounds like all fusions are the same.IM taking mine back to where i purchased it from later this week if i get to know anything i will let you know.
  9. Rattles

    Hi im new to this site as well,and along with the sound of metal sliding about i have the same problem as you a rattle from the passenger side dashboard that's driving me mad,Ive shoved a piece of foam between the windscreen and dash but its done nothing and after reading some of the problems that are associated with the fusion im beginning to regret buying one and long for the escort diesel estate i used to have the car before my last one. :(
  10. unusual noise

    Hi I'm new to the forum and hoping some one can throw some light on a problem i have,I recently purchased a fusion 2 and apart from a rattle that seems to be coming from inside the dash on the passenger side when i am cornering particular a sharp corner or roundabout or setting off up a steep hill or hump back bridge i can hear what i can only describe as light metal sliding from side to side or backwards and forwards,My son described it best said it sounded like the ball bearing in a aerosol can but as there's nothing like that in the vehicle it can't be a aerosol.I still have a months warranty on but i wanted to have a bit of an idea of what it might be before i take it back to where i purchased it so the can't try to fob me off,Thanks for any Help.