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  1. Does anyone have an idea where the low pressure port is for the A/C system on a Mk 6 Fiesta? Want to check the pressure as the cooling is pretty weak, but cant't for teh life of me find it. Found High Pressure port by radiator, found pipes leading through bulkhead (which is where most generic guides suggest it would normally be and have traced on other side to condenser). Think I must be going mad! Any help greatly appreciated.
  2. wrong tyres??

    The 60 or 80 are percentage of width that profile is, thus 165/80 13 tyre will be deeper (rim to tread) than 165/60 13. This will make the overall diameter of wheel plus tyre bigger with result that handling may be a little worse, acceleration in gear a little worse, fuel consumption a little better. Main concerns are that your speedo will under-read so risk from gatsos etc. even if you think your inside limit and potentially insurance could create if you haven't informed them as none standard.
  3. Bleeding tdci fuel tips

    Hi all, I'm a newbie on this forum, but having experienced a problem and found no solution either here or anywhere else that Google took me thought I'd describe: I drained the water from my fuel filter as part of service, and afterwards could not start due to air in fuel. Consulting trusty haynes I then tried bleeding fuel with hand prime pump. To cut a long story short, I pumped and pumped that sucker, and each time would see it drawing up fuel with bubbles and then pushing it straight back towards high pressure pump. Call to a friendly Ford Mechanic (retired) sorted me out. "Those Fiesta 1.4 tdci s are buggers for airlocking, we had problems with almost all that came off the boat (to Guernsey) because the factory sent them out with too little fuel". First trick, make sure it's at least half full of fuel (it was) and hand pump for 5 minutes, leave for at least 2 hours or overnight, pump again then start. This one did not work for me. Second trick, raise the back as high as possible (in my case push so that back is up hill, chock wheels then jack up back onto axle stands). Now try pumping again. Did this and it worked a treat. This time I could see fuel with bubbles being drawn up, but clean fuel replacing it on return to high pressure. Hope this helps someone. Rob