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  1. Hi everyone, Im hoping someone can help me out here. For the last few months my Ford Focus 18Tdci Zetec has had a problem with the rev counter and the revs sitting at about 1500rpm intermittently. I can drive around with no problems and then bang the car will jump slightly and the revs will hit between 1100 and 1500 rpm then at some point will drop to normal. I am now finding that the rev counter will not sit at zero and when the car idles the rev counter sits about 1100 rpm although the car at that point is running ok when idle. I have been to Ford who say its just the car pushing extra fuel through when it needs it but im not too convinced and a diagnostic showed up nothing wrong. Has anyone got any idea what might be going on, i have also noticed that my tep gauge is playing up too, it shows the correct temp and then drops to zero before going back to normal many thanks Pete