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  1. Titanium X Sport Diesel

    Apparently is is not necessary to run-in a new engine. However ( and I am old school) I always tend to keep it under 4000rpm and under 80 for the first 400 miles. I like to take it easy for a while if only to get a general feel of the car and handling. However, with the sports version it may be hard to restrain yourself!
  2. Mondeo Mk4 Fuel consumption

    Firstly nice car, secondly no idea! Anything over 40mpg is good on motorway driving imho - Mondeos are built for this! Have you got an estate? They are heavier and not as aerodynamic as a Hatchback or a saloon thus a little more thirsty. I would be pleased with 49mpg. ;)
  3. Mondeo Mk4 Fuel consumption

    2.0TDCi 140BHP - got to admit was very impressed too as the car was also fully laden!
  4. Just done a recent trip and, if anyone is interested, managed to do 768 miles on one tank of fuel with 58 miles in reserve. Yes, I did use the heated seats too, and this included the M25 - which in my opinion is the largest car park in europe rather than a motorway. Beat that Clarkson. Oh - he did....... ;)
  5. Well hello there!

    Am still a newbie so on my best behaviour at the moment matey. I give it 2 weeks..................
  6. Hi to all the smaxers

    I have broken the Mondy! Seriously I did. :( Hi there my littlesortoffrenchdude - pleased to see you here! Been a long trip sailor! I still don't own an Smax and am still lurking on Smax forums.
  7. Keys Recoded?

    Recently had a bit of drama with the keys to my MK4 Mondeo and wondered if anyone else had had the same problem. (Keyless entry). Approximately 2 hours from home stopped off for a cup of coffee and when we returned to the car it unlocked but the keys could not be detected by the car. Very long wait for AA man, very long wait in garage to be told that the keys had to be recoded. Frantic phonecalls to Ford UK, 2 hours later (plus 4 cappuccinos) problem solved. Hope this doesnt happen again, or is the immoboliser playing up? Any advice welcome. (My first post!) ;)
  8. Misc snaps

    Just the odd snap or two
  9. Well hello there!

    Pleased to meet you all! My name is Lou, currently driving a Mondeo Mk4 Titanium X. Previous (Ford) cars include... Smax/Galaxy/Mondeo Mk2/Fiesta Mk2. Not living in the UK, like to call myself a Cornish Expat as seem to travel around alot. Anyway, thats it for now, looking forward to lurking on here. Tschuss!