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  1. Happy Birthday joefry1!

  2. Fuel Additive For Petrol Zetec?

    I put it into the garage for a full major service as soon as I'd bought it in June, it showed no major problems, just your normal minor issues from normal everyday use.
  3. I bought my car in June this year and have put about 5,000 miles on the clock since then. Current mileage on the car is about 89,500. The servicing history of the car when we purchased it was non existent but the car runs and has been running for the past 5 months like brand new with no problems at all. Would it do any harm and is it worth getting some fuel additive to clean out the system of any gunk, given the fact there is no service history and that this may not have been done for a fair few miles now? Does anyone have experience of using fuel additives and have you noticed a difference? Finally, which one should I get! My dad has recommended Millers (see link below) as he's used them for years and swears by them. http://www.cliffordsbrighton.com/chemicals/additives/fuel-additives/millers-oils-fuel-additives/millers-petrol-power-ecomax-one-shot-boost-500ml Cheers!
  4. Dashboard Dials Flickering On Engine Start

    Haven't checked the battery as of yet and yes this problem started when the very cold weather arrived, during the summer I had no problems at all. If it won't cause any damage or further problems then I'm thinking I might leave it until it gets to a stage where it has to be looked at (which hopefully it won't!). What do people think?
  5. Dashboard Dials Flickering On Engine Start

    Yea the more research I'm doing suggests its something to do with the cluster. Is it something I should get checked and fixed sooner rather than later or will it not make a difference, other than the fact the dials don't read properly for the first 5 seconds after starting the engine?
  6. Dashboard Dials Flickering On Engine Start

    I've recorded what happens and posted it on youtube so people can see first hand, rather than me explaining it: Having watched the video, would this still point to a bad battery / duff alternator / loose wire to the cluster??
  7. Recently whilst starting the engine from cold, the dials on the dashboard have started to flicker for approximately 2 - 3 seconds, then stop flickering and read as they should normally. They only flicker once the engine has started and do not flicker before this when the ignition is turned on. It's a mk1 2005 1.8L focus, petrol, 89,000 miles on the clock. Any ideas? Is it just a coincidence that has started to happen now that the outside air temperatures are hovering around or below freezing? If needs be I can record a video of what happens and upload it to youtube to give people a better idea of what's going on. Any suggestions on what's going on and if this is normal would be appreciated! Thanks!
  8. My model doesn't have an on board computer so I'm having to work out the MPG manually by recording the miles I'm driving between each re-fuel and recording the amount of fuel I put into the car each time. I'm still unsure as to why the MPG is so low because autotrader, parkers and others sources where you can retrieve info on the expected MPG of the car state that my model should be averaging somewhere in the region of 35 - 38 mpg
  9. My focus is averaging between 25 and 30 MPG currently. I'm not heavy footed on the accelerator, I keep the revs down by driving in higher gears and the driving I have been doing recently is single carriageway, speeds of 50 - 60 mph on mainly flat ground carrying 1 - 2 people with no other weight/luggage in the car. Is this MPG reading normal or is this below average for my model? Anyone have any ideas on how to increase the MPG? I am using normal unleaded but have heard that the premium unleaded can help to increase the MPG - if this is true is it worth paying the extra for the premium petrol to gain the extra miles? Thanks!
  10. Cant Add/change My Profile Photo.

    I have the same problem, it gives me an error message saying 'failed to set new photo'
  11. How Do I Remove Front Fog Light?

    Hi John, yea I saw that video as well but the clip isn't there on my model... I have however managed to get the fog light out now by using a bit of force without snapping it and pulling the casing out in a certain direction so it released all of the other clips. Whether this is the proper way of taking it out I don't know but it seemed to work!! Thanks for your suggestion anyway :)
  12. Hi everyone, I'm repairing some minor damage to the bumper on my 1.8 zetec focus '05 (facelift model) and to do so I need to remove the nearside fog light but I've been struggling all morning and can't seem to work out how to remove it :( Any ideas on how to do it or where I can find instructions on how to do it?! Thanks!
  13. Welcome to the Ford forums joefry1 :)