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  1. Going down the motorway and lost most of the power. Got towed home then straight to garage in the morning. Soon as mechanic seen the diesel particulate filter he said thats your problem these cars are prone. Took it apart anyway and yes he was right he does them all the time, so also need a new turbo as there was no indication its was on its way out. Anyone else had these problems. Anyway i got brand new turbo 6 month warranty £290 DPF £200 He said because they were cheap it may last 6 months. So heres my main question sell or NOT? Heard the ones without dpf are slugish but they are reliable just like a bit of power.
  2. oh rite sounds good, is that a chip or like the dyno Does a chip do the engine any good and what if the mileage is quite high my 57plate focus has 112,000 miles. I seem to buy them cheap with the high mileage..
  3. sorry not had a ford before so dont know to much about them. So whats bluefin. you still on about diesels?,because thats quick for a cheap diesel. I bought the 1.6 because there cheaper to run, diesel and tax but end up paying more on parts and mechanics oh well its getting traded in.
  4. whats the 1.8 like and chipped, didn't even know what a dpf was until i went to the garage now i know a lot about them lol. Why are 2.0 turbos prone to go aswell?
  5. Hi i am new to this site and would like to show what you can do with a couple of pounds, i bought a carbon vinyls sheet the cheapest you can get at £8 but only used a small piece of it, i am really made up with the outcome as i have never done it before, if you are thinking of having a go make sure you watch a few videos on youtube first i can let you know the good ones i watched if you want, they have turned out perfectly with no bubbles. can also let you know the tools you need also very cheap, carbon has got 12 year lifespan indoors 5 years then for the wing mirrors. As i am new to this i would also like some tips from the pros.
  6. Sorry gav misread The main thing is light, if you do it in bad light it looks great until you take it to sunlight and it looks a mess and full of bubbles ive done it. You cant loose if you put your mind to it, if theres bubble just lift and do that patch again. You dont need much heat for quite a flat surface dont stretch to much if you can help it. Leave about 5mm on all edges and this is where you need ya heat to bend the vinyl to the back of the surround. I find that when your applying the vinyl press quite hard and it doesn't leave any bubbles, push to soft and bubbles stay well they do on the cheap vinyl anyway. Can get the dearer vinyl bubble free but you dont need it just practice with the cheaper vinyl, bubble free = easy way out. Hope this helps oh and always have a sharp blade
  7. charlie if ya gona use a stanley make sure its a new blade, I would use the blade on its own but put quite a bit of tape around the bit you are using and be careful lol. Its all delicate work anyway with the blade. I will put the youtube videos on for ya 2moz the ones i have saved. If you dont want to take the stereo out you can just do it in the car. If you have the squarish stereo theres just 2 screws behind the stereo and also Gav if its the same as mine the curved stereo it all just pops off without moveing any stereo but your focus is newer than mine so maybe different
  8. Am going the do all the black on my mine in the silver carbon i have the focus before yours so it will be fully coded then with the touch of carbon, including the spoiler :). Hydro dippings the one now you already have the base coat, I would need to spray mine silver then apply the hydro film
  9. Rhino its got to be silver carbon vinyl on yours would look very smart. You haven't got any black trim on yours for the black carbon to match which is a good thing as full colour coded looks the best.
  10. Charlie a lot of ebay power sellers put there price right up when they sell hundreds, Its still on my bought in ebay for 1.99 and 75p postage so if you let them know before you buy that the price is way wrong and your friend got it for this price because these were the best quality cheapest ones hope the helps, if not let me know and i will look for the best ones for around that price for ya. Think the carbon bonnet lips are cool ;) should be easy enough just carbon rapping
  11. Carbon Wapping Ideas

    Yeah really easy push the leather gaiter down and pull the surround out take ya time though as they feel brittle to me. Then the silver piece also separates which gives you the nice finish when put back together. And Cheers for the comment
  12. Your First Ever Car!

    lol as i grew up i always said i will never have a metro, i'm getting a porche haha and guess what my first car was. Even if i had pics i wouldn't be putting them on here
  13. Ya dont need 1 vauxhalls are top cars with hardly any problems, and fords the newer there getting the worse there getting my sis has brand new s-max on finance and when you go to start it there no power and its happened when there nowhere near home, She has lost confidence in it now and said she wants to end the contract and they said you cant, if we can fix it you have to keep it. Its a very nice motor but cant drive far without out thinking its not gonna start up its happened 3 times and they just set it all up on the computer but its only a quick fix
  14. Photoshoots Of Your Car In Kent (Maidstone) Area.

    yeah man, sorry didn't read it and thought it looked empty in the comment box lol
  15. Heres ya answer manxkat lol from preeee gemma that must of been scary the 30mph limiter are gud in one way but bad in another Cheers preee but someone got to know the answer all the ford fanatics on ere lol project c there is a new post just people need to start using it, i would like to see a new post from you by tomorrow ;)
  16. All cars you get the odd faulty 1. Ford are great but so are vauxhalls wasn't knocking his car as it looked quite a new model and suppose they are all safe and reliable these days, what happened to your ford by the way was it an older model ?
  17. I want the same horns on my mk2 focus and what would be the best colour my car is silver ? This is a little work i done on my quad just for a laugh really, I also have a normal horn and switch as air horns would't pass the mot they are very loud. I have also placed them on the path side just so i can give a few people a heart attack but i think they do have to be on show. These don't play a tune they just all blow in 1 go. But my question is where would you mount 3 horns like this so they are all seen? Would like a lot of advice to be honest so i could just pick 1 good idea as to what would look the coolest To anyone that replys tonight and am not on here i will be back to reply chhheeerrrrrrrrrrrrsssss :)
  18. mine are louder than the 1s you put on lol mine are 125db here they are buy some for a laugh. I jump myself when i press the horn so duno how the victims feel there again yes i do, when i was tightening them up my dad decided to give them ago lol hurts ya ears too. http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Triple-Claxon-Airhorn-Car-Van-Pick-Up-Bus-Boat-Siren12V-/270807981604?pt=UK_CarsParts_Vehicles_CarParts_SM&hash=item3f0d69de24#ht_3506wt_1270 cheap and cheerful, there staying on the quad but want to order some more for my focus. Yeah like that take the lower grill out, i wouldnt mind cutting circles out of it so there showing
  19. Yep it is painful wandering where to put them, Artscott there not an alarm there a horn suppose you could rig them up to the alarm haha thanks thats a good idea tho, And i can't really mount them on the outside as they would get pinched.
  20. lol well it is a ford site suppose you dont need mods what you bought a kia for over a ford or is it just a profile pic ?
  21. Thanks people and gemma ma new friend lol. My times different to the time on here is that the same for all of us if we in the same country. And i have a focus mk2 an lookin to get a bodykit but nowt over the top really
  22. yeah ya rite just checked the latest posts and more stuff to look at how do some of the other posts get thousands of replys and i get 2 lol i know am new but it dont add up is it comin from outside the forum? oh an cheers 1st friend on here :)

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