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  1. Hi all I've got a mk6 fiesta and the power steering fluid is in need of a change. Where do I drain it from its the 1.6 engine any help would be great thanks
  2. Need Help With Alloys!!!!!!!!!

    hi can anyone help i got a set of alloys today for my ford fiesta mk6 the alloys i got are ford 16" alloys tyre size 205/50 r 16 91w this is a link for the pic of the alloys i got today http://tinypic.com/r/2871wlg/6 just wondering if they would fit my car ok or do i need spacers. the fiesta user manual i have don't show them tyre sizes ones they do show are 195/45 r 16 do you think i could put that size of tyres on the rims or do they have to be the same size already on the alloys i just wanted to upgrade my standard ghia alloys as there only 14" and think my car would look better with the 16" i think ive covered everythink so if anyone could give me advice would be grateful thanks
  3. Rear Noise

    hiya might be rear wheel bearing jack the car up and see if there's any play in the wheel :)
  4. High Fuel Conumption: Something Wrong Here??

    hi lloyd i done mine today the front part its made sound little better but my engine did sound meaty anyway being the 1.6 16v ill also do the baff soon and see how that makes it :) but do post pics after as i would like to see thanks m8 matt
  5. 2003 Mk6 Fiesta Radio Change

    forget that one lol think its this one http://s1172.photobucket.com/albums/r563/matty851/
  6. 2003 Mk6 Fiesta Radio Change

    hi ellis this is the pic link :) <div style="width:480px;text-align:right;"><embed width="480" height="360" src="http://static.pbsrc.com/flash/rss_slideshow.swf" flashvars="rssFeed=http%3A%2F%2Ffeed1172.photobucket.com%2Falbums%2Fr563%2Fmatty851%2Ffeed.rss" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" wmode="transparent" /><a href="http://photobucket.com/redirect/album?showShareLB=1" target="_blank"><img src="http://pic.photobucket.com/share/icons/embed/btn_geturs.gif" style="border:none;" /></a><a href="http://s1172.photobucket.com/albums/r563/matty851/" target="_blank"><img src="http://pic.photobucket.com/share/icons/embed/btn_viewall.gif" style="border:none;" /></a></div>
  7. Mk6 Fiesta Replacing Factory Fitted Speakers!!!!!!!

    yep not looking forward removing door trims lol but ill get there in the end.:) yeah me to m8 lol don't want to do all that to find out there pants but once done ill give an update matty.
  8. Mk6 Fiesta Replacing Factory Fitted Speakers!!!!!!!

    se them vibe ones you fitted did they fit right in without probs with window ect ect im just wondering if im gonna need spacers was told should fit fine as mounting depth is 59mm but only time will tell soon as this weather picks up i can get started lol :P
  9. Mk6 Fiesta Replacing Factory Fitted Speakers!!!!!!!

    edit called bass face lol
  10. Mk6 Fiesta Replacing Factory Fitted Speakers!!!!!!!

    hi ashleigh just some cheapish ones but there meant to be good there could bass face 250 watt each speaker just fort they would be better then the standard ones and from what i was told there pretty good meant to be better then some of those top on the market ones the link is http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Bass-Face-5x7-Inch-Oval-500w-Coaxial-Two-Way-Pair-Car-Door-Shelf-Speakers-/230784474363?pt=UK_In_Car_Technology&hash=item35bbd39cfb#ht_2937wt_1270 :)
  11. 2003 Mk6 Fiesta Radio Change

    oh yes sorry m8 just noticed the date hehe yeah ill take one tomorrow also this week im upgrading my factory 5x7 speakers bk and front so while im doing it im gonna take pics. :) matty.
  12. 2003 Mk6 Fiesta Radio Change

    this is what your needing m8 hope it helps :) http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Universal-Double-Din-Frame-Trim-Surround-118x188mm-/250551942237?pt=UK_In_Car_Technology&hash=item3a560f3c5d#ht_1915wt_1270
  13. 2003 Mk6 Fiesta Radio Change

  14. 2003 Mk6 Fiesta Radio Change

    hi ellis just come across your post.ive not long done the same and i have the same stereo you show in pic there's a frame missing look on halfords website as that's where i got the stereo from :) hope that helps if you like i can take a pic of mine tomorrow and post to show u matty.
  15. Mk6 Fiesta Replacing Factory Fitted Speakers!!!!!!!

    oh i got to have me sounds hee hee.yes i prob would leave the wheel in lol you don't want that to happen :). yes was a mission fitting as you have to cut the slot things out also you have to buy some adaptor for the double din also adaptors for the steering wheel remote but its worth it after done :)