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  1. I'd be looking at changing the Idle Control Valve
  2. Desperate Santa tries to bring Christmas cheer to the tube http://t.co/P6WtQMCP

  3. Too many things to do and not enough time!!!

  4. Your insurance would be more for a 1.25 with an ST engine than it would be for a genuine ST. You'd need to change the engine,gearbox,driveshafts,brakes,ECU and engine wiring loom also the 1.25 suspension wouldn't be up to the job either
  5. Could be the Dual Mass Flywheel on its way out
  6. It's more than likely the clockspring that needs replacing
  7. I'm presuming they checked the plugs,leads and coil pack?
  8. The last Starfighter! Awesome film I've not seen for years!

  9. The Diesel engine has a particulate filter that can get blocked up on short journeys I know a few people at work with the 1 litre engine in their Focuses and although they say its great the MPG they achieve is nowhere near what Ford claim perhaps 40MPG max
  10. Do you have many speed bumps in the area where you live? They are spring killers! Also did you replace with genuine parts?
  11. It's a waste of time as any fault codes it gives u will only relate to the clocks themselves
  12. Not all head units support the Ford remote controls
  13. If the slave cylinder is on the way out it'll be a matter of weeks! Most places say its a subframe off job to do but it is possible to change it without get a new clutch while its being done as well
  14. Take the clocks out and you'll probably find a wire back there that's shorting out
  15. The sensor is usually located somewhere behind the front bumper
  16. I wouldn't bother the Sony unit has a nasty habit of eating your CDs!
  17. Check the fluid level and also there's a switch on it for reverse gear
  18. Have a look on the VIN plate under the bonnet the paint code will be on that
  19. It might be worth looking on eBay for a replacement that zips in quite easy to fit
  20. Could be track rod end,ball joint or wishbone bushes
  21. Does the car have Xenon lights fitted? If so they're self adjusting
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