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  1. Happy Birthday Jack Osman!

  2. Standard 16" repainted in gloss black :)
  3. Lowering A Van!

    Good evening everyone! So here's the story, ever since I got my van ive wanted to lower it. I want to do it on springs, probably the 50mm ones, i think it looks great! The only think is its a van, and i use it as a van, i often put alot of weight in it, 400kg or more most days. Ive been told the springs on the van are the same as the ones on a car. But this is my question... Right now when i load up the car sinks down, a lot! And 550kg will make it sit on the shocks, so if i was to lower it by 50mm or so, how would putting weight in it effect it? I have no idea, but would it just compress a bit but still take the weight, but be very stiff. Or would it hit the shocks at the 1st sign of weight? Hope someone can help!
  4. Challenge: How Far Can You Go?

    Question... All you guys getting 100's more miles then me, do you have the aircon on? Or do you find that it affects the mps noticeably? I dont drive that slow, but i also have the aircon on all the time (i think it makes the car a nicer place to be in, I never open the windows).
  5. Challenge: How Far Can You Go?

    Haha yeah your probably right, but its just to much fun thrashing it around and still getting more then 40mpg!
  6. Challenge: How Far Can You Go?

    How do you get that kind of miles?! I always get about the same out of a tank, i fill it with about 20 miles left, all the way to the top and never get more then 400, normally about 380! Is mine broken?! Lol.
  7. The warranty will only be affected if you cut or change the wiring in anyway. Thats what I was told when I asked. As hid's are plug and play there fine.
  8. What Tyres!?

    Had a good look around and think I will go for the yokohama. Thanks for your help guys!! :D
  9. What Tyres!?

    Yeah I think your right. What tyres are you using?
  10. What Tyres!?

    Oh yes I probably should have made that clear, umm, I cant think what they are. its the ztec s 16" wheels, the 5 spoke ones.... sorry not much help.
  11. What Tyres!?

    Hi all. So the time has come that I need to get new tyres. I though as i have to do this and I need all 4 ill see if theres a better one. Right now I have the Hankook ones, they have to be the extra load ones and take 500kg as its for a van. They seem fine (I don't really know :P ). So what have you all got on yours? What would you recommend as a good tyre? Has to be £50/£60! Thanks!
  12. Photo Location Game

    This game sounds fun, I think ill join in! :P
  13. Retro Fit Cruise Control

    Ahhh great, I guess its just easier to buy the buttons then! :P What a shame I can't do this on the cheep!
  14. Retro Fit Cruise Control

    Right, so 5 extra buttons, but only 2 extra wires . There isn't a 2nd white plug there is there? Also, how is all the middle of the wheel taken out?
  15. Retro Fit Cruise Control

    Thanks the photos are spot on! The only thing is, it has made me so much more confused! I was expecting 5 more wires going into the other side or something! But theres only 2 exta there (someone correct me if I'm being stupid). So now I'm not so sure it will be an easy swap around :/.