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  1. Connecting 12V Cable To Radio Power Supply

    There you go then Dan. You need permanent live for the amplifier/splitter.
  2. "twang" Like Noise After Pulling Off Mk2.5

    It did the same thing on my dad Toyota Avensis.
  3. Upgrade To Sony Head Unit.

    No, something like these: Link And one of these: Link Don't quote me exactly, but I think it is those two with the type of DAB/FM converter I have got.
  4. Upgrade To Sony Head Unit.

    Yes it works mate. It' still working fine now. Trust me I was sceptical, but I wired her all up, and voila, all working. I've used it up and down the country and no issues. Obviously some DAB coverage in areas isn't as good as others, but this is always improving. You also need a few male to female aerial connections.
  5. Mk 2.5 (Facelift) Led Rear Lights

    The bulb just functions as a brake light. I'm 95% sure on that.
  6. My Titanium Sport

    Nice job. What is that front bumper originally off?
  7. My Titanium Sport

    What does the rest of the car look like? Do you have a Zetec S front bumper?
  8. Focus Not Starting

    Possible immobiliser problem?
  9. Mk2.5 Rear Led Lights

    I fitted genuine RS/ST Led lights to my focus. I effectively got them for £100 and they are a hell of a massive difference.
  10. Bye Bye Fiesta Hello Focus

    I'd love to know how you find that 1.0 engine for day to day use. I've been hearing great things about it.
  11. Ohhh 18 months? Give it a good wash then clay it all over. You'll be amazed when you look at the clay bar afterwards!
  12. Tardis is very good for removing tar spots. Linky. Also, I see no polish on the list of things posted above! A good polish ensures that you keep those pesky light scratches away!
  13. Indicator Noise

    When on the motorway, I just use the lane changer indicators anyway (The one where you only lift the indicator stalk lightly and it flashes three times). Does the lane changer mode even make a noise?
  14. Got My New Focus Today...........

    I don't know how many cars you have owned, but a lot of the cars I have owned have done this. If it won't go into reverse first time, slowly release the clutch while putting into reverse and let it slip in. The reason it's making that noise is because you think you're in reverse when in fact your not properly in that gear. You'll get used to it, I did,
  15. Ford Focus 1.6 Tdci Econetic Chimes

    Maybe try an ECU reset?