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  1. Focus Powershift S

    Hi I have a focus Powershift s and when it's out of sport mode, it keeps pulling off in 3rd gear and really struggling Is this normal or am I doing something wrong or should I get it checked over at the dealer as its in warrenty Thanks
  2. Scratch On Brake Light

    Can you use T-Cut on plastic?
  3. Hi I have got a few surface scratches on my brake lights. Any ideas on how to remove them from plastic? Thanks
  4. Ford Focus Powershift S Trip Computer Display

    Does it have lane indicators on it?
  5. Ford Focus Powershift S Trip Computer Display

    Blimey, you are right!!!!! Well that's me feeling stupid now!!!
  6. Hi We recently bought a Ford Focus Powershift S and when we start it with Keyless, the computer shows a road like dislay with a cross in it and an oval shape to the right hand side. This then switches to the normal computer display Does anyone know what the display is as I cannot find it in the manual I've attached the image Thanks
  7. We have a 1.2 2005 Fiesta and recently it has started to make a loud grinding sound in high gear. Any ideas? Only happens at around 50 mph in quite low revs (but stays loud as revs go up)
  8. 2005 Fiesta Problem

    Hi All I have a 2005 Ford Fiesta 1.3 Style. In the past month I have noticed that when the car gets to 2000 revs in 4th or 5th, there is a loud noise heard. Not sure what it could be so wondered if anyone has any ideas? Thanks
  9. Welcome to the Ford forums Markstev27 :)