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  1. I get the feeling they dont want to investigate it for some reason.... They said that the current repair wont sort it. Didnt really give me any clue. Just said they cant understand it, the engine sounds really good and looks in good nick with only 40 odd thousand on it. Probably take it somewhere else for a look over when I get it back
  2. Ok, so garage phoned me this morning and said some manifold pipe has split. £25+vat for new one. Is there a chance this could have caused my oil to disappear?
  3. Would it cost me to actually get the garage to find the problem? I assume like the manifold issue I have, that they will charge me labour just to locate it. If they locate it at all that is........ As for refilling the oil on a monthly/bi-monthly basis, was that a serious suggestion? Or more tongue-in-cheek? It would certainly be a cheaper option thats for sure.... Thanks for reply
  4. Hi all, Focus Cmax 2004 1.8 petrol My car has started losing oil at an alarming rate. Was serviced 9 months ago. Last month I took it it as handbrake had come loose. They checked oil whilst it was in and said it was empty. So they topped it up for me for cost price of course. I havent notice any oil on my driveway so I rule out a leak. Anyway, as it happens I have just had rev problems and took it in again and was told its the manifold or something and its going to cost £60 just to get to the problem and see what it is. Thats not my main concern at the moment though. The oil was almost gone again. And its only been a month... I noticed some smoking a couple of times this month but nothing persistent. Garage told me that it could be the start of major engine trouble and I should get rid as soon as possible. It only has 40k on clock. Could it not be something simple? Maybe a seal somewhere? Or am I to bite the bullet and try to get shot of it? I am really short on cash at the moment so I am low on options.... Any advice would be welcomed. thanks for looking
  5. Hello People

    Just here to learn bits and bobs about my car.... Hope I am welcome :)
  6. Welcome to the Ford forums bluearmy :)